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Current Housestaff

Resident Handbook (For a complete pdf of the Housestaff Handbook use this link. Updated policies will be linked below as approved by GME-C.)

I. Introduction

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Institutional Commitment to Graduate Medical Education
  3. Commitments to Residents

II. General Information

  1. Directory/Organization of Graduate Medical Education Office
  2. Agreements /Terms and Conditions
  3. Resident Eligibility and Resident Selection (updated 12/18)
  4. Resident Requirements (updated 12/18)
  5. Duty and On Call Hours
  6. Residency Description
  7. Housestaff Governance Committee (updated 10/19)
  8. Medical Records Documentation
  9. Moonlighting (updated 11/18)
  10. Professional Liability
  11. Resident Responsibilities
  12. Resident Supervision
  13. Risk Management Information
  14. Eligibility and VISA Sponsorship (updated 12/18)
  15. Action Requiring GME Committee Review and Approval

III. Policies and Procedures

  1. Policy and Procedure Manuals
  2. Resident Records
  3. Grievance Procedure
  4. Chief Residents (updated 10/19)
  5. Program Downsizing
  6. Delinquent Medical Records
  7. Evaluations and Promotions
  8. Licensing and Resident Eligibility
  9. Off-Site Electives
  10. Resident Wellness
  11. Academic Probation
  12. Corrective Disciplinary Action
  13. Harassment in the Workplace
  14. Termination/Completion of Residency Program
  15. Resolution of Resident Issues
  16. Corporate Compliance
  17. Transportation for Trainees When Too Tired to Drive (updated 11/18)