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Neuroradiology Fellowship Curriculum

As a large tertiary referral center, our fellows have unique exposure to a wide range of pathology from a diverse patient population.  Fellows are  involved in advanced brain tumor imaging, complex head and neck cases, and varied spine pathology on a daily basis in the reading room.  .

In addition regular close supervision by the  neuroradiology staff during daily read out sessions, the fellow attend neuroradiology conferences for residents and fellows weekly.  Brief, focused personal one-to-one discussions, called Mini-Didactics, are utilized daily, and there is a running list of topics to ensure that the full scope of the curriculum is covered over the course of the year.  The fellow has weekly reading assignments as well, with the ultimate goal of having gone through at least two neuroradiology texts.

Attendance at multidisciplinary conferences is an important part of the fellowship and of neuroradiology training in general.  In these conferences, the fellow gains experience and skills in consultation and presentation necessary to become an expert consultant within the neuroradiology subspecialty.  There are two weekly Head and Neck conferences, and a Neuro-oncology conference; the fellow prepares for these conferences by reviewing the cases with staff, and attends the conferences with the staff present.  Additional conferences include Neurovascular, Neurology Grand Rounds, and Neurology teaching conferences.

The fellow is required to attend a national neuroradiology meeting, and funding is provided. Fellows in the past have had oral presentations and posters in the American Society of Neuroradiology and the American Society for Functional Neuroradiology.

Neuroradiology Rotations

Advanced Imaging


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