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Ophthalmology Residency Research

Research Overview

A key component of the Department of Ophthalmology’s Resident Education Program includes hands-on participation in a new or currently on-going faculty-mentored clinically translational basic or applied research study.

A Resident Research Subcommittee helps navigate and facilitate residents through this required training. Working closely with a Dept. of Ophthalmology faculty member, the resident will gain first-hand knowledge and experience with the design and implementation of a novel research project of mutual interest and clinical significance using a team-approach. Medical students interested in Ophthalmology are highly encouraged to join the group. Projects may include current ongoing studies or de novo projects designed by the resident and faculty member.

Research productivity will be measured by Department-supported resident-presentation of research findings at local (annual Resident Alumni Day, St. Albert’s Day) and international (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, ARVO) meetings with the expectation of writing, submitting, and publishing findings in peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals. With the assistance of their faculty mentor, residents are also expected to prepare and submit a grant application for extramural funding to the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness (ISPB). Participation in the Chicago Ophthalmological Society Beem Fisher competition is similarly encouraged. This competition, held annually, requires residents to submit an original research manuscript that is judged among the five training programs in Chicago metropolitan area.

The following outline serves as a key reference for project guidance. Deadlines are strictly enforced and residents are expected to complete their work in a timely fashion.


  • First-Year (PGY2) residents identify a faculty member and initiate, or contribute to, an on-going research study
  • Second Year (PGY3) residents present their on-going research findings at Resident Alumni Day, St. Albert’s Day, and at ARVO
  • Third Year (PGY4) residents present their completed research findings at Resident Alumni Day, St. Albert’s Day, and at ARVO and submit their findings for Beem Fisher Competition and for publication in a peer-reviewed medical or scientific journal.

Recommended Timeline

  • July to September – PGY2 residents identify a faculty mentor and initiate or contribute to an on-going research study
  • July to November – PGY3 & PGY4 residents present research findings at local and international meetings
  • November-Meet with Resident Research Subcommittee to present project progress
  • December - PGY3 & PGY4 ARVO abstract submission deadline (ARVO membership required)
  • December – PGY2 submit study protocols to Research Service for Institutional review and approval
  • January - Chicago Ophthalmological Society Beem Fisher competition
  • February – PGY2 and PGY3, continue to prepare a grant application to the ISPB
  • March - Alumni Day abstract deadline (all residents)
  • April/May - ISPB grant application submission deadline
  • April - Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP)
  • May - ARVO meeting
  • June - Annual Resident Alumni Day


Ophthalmology Resident Research



  • Prior to completion of your ophthalmology residency training, each resident is required to complete an approved research project and prepare an acceptable manuscript suitable for publication
  • The purpose of this requirement is to provide hands-on training with preparing, conducting, and completing an original research project that culminates in the publication of your findings in a peer-reviewed medical or scientific journal
  • The goal is for the ophthalmology resident to learn the logic and thought process involved in scientific research


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Research Funding

Faculty-mentored resident-conducted research studies are supported by a wide variety of national and private funding agencies including

St. Albert’s Day

Each fall, toward the end of October, Loyola University Health Science Center hosts its annual Research Day competition showcasing current research efforts. The Department of Ophthalmology is proud to participate in this coveted event.

Past participants have enjoyed success, winning honors in the Medical Student Oral Presentation competition, the Resident/Fellow Poster competition, and the Postdoctoral /Research Associate Poster competition. 


Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

In late April/early May of each year, Department of Ophthalmology faculty and residents (and a few very lucky medical students) travel across the nation to attend and present their research findings at the largest and most respected eye and vision research organization in the world. With a membership of nearly 12,000 researchers from over 75 countries, faculty, residents, and students enjoy an opportunity to intellectually interact with world leaders in their respective field of interests. Good fellowship and good times are had by all who attend this uniquely collaborative engagement of clinicians and basic scientists.   


Resident Alumni Day

In mid-June of each year, the Department of Ophthalmology hosts an intradepartmental event that highlights translational basic and clinical research activities currently being conducted by its faculty and residents. The event also serves to honor previous trainees now serving the community. Visiting keynote lecturers honoring James E. McDonald, Richard G. Gieser, and Mark J.Daily round out the day by presenting contemporary advancements in varied ocular disorders including Macular Dystrophies, Ocular Infectious Diseases, Graves Eye Disease, Glaucoma, AMD, Dry-Eye, Stevens-Johnson, Floppy Eyelid, and Diabetic Retinopathy.