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Our Lighter Side

The Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC) FPMRS fellowship program prepares trainees to be successful clinicians, surgeons and researchers; we work hard during our training, but one of the best perks of being a fellow at LUMC is that you become part of a family who not only enjoy working together, we also enjoy spending time together outside of the office.

Celebrating Dr. Megan Shannon's graduation 2018.

FPMRS faculty

FPMRS faculty

At AUGSOME karaoke in Denver 2016- this group was dressed in 80s gear singing "Wake Me Up Before I Go Go." Our incoming fellow, Brandon Chen even participated!


Dr. Mueller and her current and recently graduated fellows socializing at AUGS 2016


Megan and Birte (graduation 2018 & 2019) at AUGS talking to resident about their great fellowship program!


At AUGSOME Karaoke in Seattle 2015, our group took home the trophy for "best song" while dressed as Elsas and Snowmen, singing 'Let if Flow."


Our Gang: The Loyola FPMRS gang having a great time at AUGS 2014. From left to right is Dr. Mueller, Denicia Dwarica (an Ob/Gyn PGY3 and FPMRS candidate), Kristen Jacobs (Ob/Gyn PGY4, AUGS scholar and future urogynecologist), Susanne Taege, Dean Brubaker, Tanaka Dune and Ahmed Akl.

A nice selfie of our two amazing female fellows. Megan Brady (our 2015 fellow) will be joining an extraordinary group of fellows and faculty - again, who wouldn't want to hang with these two....

Three Amigos
The original Three Amigos: The FPMRS 2013 to 2014 fellows were a very special group. Not only were they some of the hardest working fellows and amazing teachers, they really enjoyed working together. After a hard day in clinic, the academic office staff could tell when the fellows were back in the department due to the joking and laughter that could be heard in the hallways. 

Dr. Mueller and Dr. Yi
Dr. Mueller with Johnny at graduation. He was her "first official" graduate as a Program Director and will be a hard act to follow. However, Ahmed is definitely up to challenge. 

Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Mueller and Dr. Brincat
Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Mueller and Dr. Brincat enjoying themselves at graduation on June 20th, 2014. The ceremony was held at Petterino's in Chicago.

Visitors to Chicago Auto Show.
Ahmed, Johnny and sons and Tanaka at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

Attendees at FPMRS annual meeting.
Former LUMC FPMRS fellows collaborating at AUGS 2014 Annual Meeting. From left to right is Dr. Mueller, Dr. Lowenstein, Dr. Fok and Dr. Abernethy.

Dean Brubaker remains an very active member of AUGS and was a speaker at the annual meeting.

Ahmed, Kristin (Ob/Gyn PGY3 resident & future urogynecologist), Tanaka
and Cynthia, (our former FPMRS fellow) bonding at AUGS.