Insurance Plans Loyola Accepts

Insurance Information

Loyola Medicine accepts many types of insurance, including policies from major insurers, dental and vision plans, Medicare replacement and supplemental policies, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act plans, and other coverage. Note: Most HMO plans require a referral from your primary care provider. Please check with your insurance carrier if you have questions about your benefits.

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Insurance or Payor Namesort ascending Type of Plan Insurer Facility
Workers Comp Dental Workers Comp
Wisconsin Medicaid
Wellcare/Harmony Medicare Replacement HMO Gottlieb
W/C Sedgewick James Workers compensation
W/C LUMC Employee Workers compensation
W/C GMH Workers compensation
W/C Generic Workers compensation
W/C Gallagher Bassett Workers compensation
Veterans Choice See Hines VA Provider Network
USA Not insurance
URN Transplant Coverage
UPMC (Not Particiapting) Medicare Advantage HMO (Not Participating)
UPMC HMO (Healthcare Exchange or Regular Commercial plan)
United HealthCare/UHC All payer PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
United HealthCare/UHC HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
United Healthcare Student Resources PPO
United Healthcare Optum Health Vision (Optometry)
United HealthCare - Medicare Select Medicare Supplement Loyola, Gottlieb
United Healthcare - Medicare Advantage (Plan 1, Plan 2, AARP) Medicare Replacement HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
United Healthcare - Medicare Advantage (Complete Access) (Not Participating) Medicare Replacement HMO (Not Participating)
United Healthcare - Medicare Advantage Medicare Replacement PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
United HealthCare HMO
United Healthcare Indemnity
United Healthcare Managed Indemnity (acts like PPO)
United Healthcare PPO
United Healthcare PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
United HealthCare PPO POS
United Health Care- United Health One PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
United Concordia Dental Benefit Commercial
Union Health Services HMO Loyola
Unicare HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Unicare Indemnity
Unicare Medicare Replacement
Unicare POS Loyola, Gottlieb
Unicare PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
UHC Compass HMO HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
TriWest Veterans Choice Tricare Loyola, Gottlieb
Tricare Retiree Dental Program Government
Tricare Loyola, Gottlieb
Tricare See PHCS if PHCS on card; otherwise OON
Today's Options Medicare Replacement PFFS
Student Insurance -- Loyola Student Health Services Occupational Health
Strategic Health Development HMO POS PPO
Sterling Medicare Supplement
State of Il PPO See Aetna PPO - State of IL
Starmount Vision Plan
Starbridge Not insurance
Spraying Systems Co. PPO
Spectera Vision Plan
SmartPlan Choice ACE (Vision Optometry) ACE
Smart Choice PPO (Humana)
Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company See United Healthcare Medicare Advantage PPO option
Sexual Assault Government Program Loyola, Gottlieb
Self-Pay Restricted Medicaid
Self Pay-No Contracts Self Pay
Self Pay-GMH Self Pay
Self Pay No Discount Dental Self Pay
Select Health Network HMO Loyola
Select Health Network PPO Loyola
Secure Horizons Medicare Replacement
Secure Horizons Medicare Supplement Loyola, Gottlieb
Provider's First PPO Preferred Care Loyola
Provider Partners Health Plan SNP (Special Needs Plan) Loyola, Gottlieb
Preferred Care Medicare Replacement HMO/PPO
Preferred Care Medicare Replacement PFFS
Predent Dental Commercial
Precedence Care Coordination (downstate) (Vision Optometry) CCE
PPO Next Not insurance
Plan Plus Not insurance
PHCS Not insurance
PHCS PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
PHCS PPO Gottlieb
Oxford Health Plans See UHC
Out of State Medicaid Medicaid Replacements
Optum Health Transplant Loyola
Optum Behavioral Health For Behavioral Health services only. MacNeal
NorthEast Delta Dental Commercial
Next Level Health MCCN Medicaid Replacement HMO MacNeal
Next Level Health (Vision Optometry) CCE
New Dimension Medical PPO Not insurance
National Healthcare Plan Not insurance
My Health Care Coordination (Vision Optometry) CCE
Multiplan See PHCS if PHCS on Card
Molina MMAI MMAI MacNeal
Molina Healthcare LPP Medicaid Replacement HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Molina Healthcare (Vision Optometry) MCO
Molina Healthcare (Non-LPP) PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Michigan Medicaid
Metlife (Dental) Commercial
Meritain See Aetna Meritain
Meridian MMAI MMAI
Meridian Health Plan HMO (Medicaid) HMO MacNeal
Meridian (Vision Optometry) MCO
Members First See BCBS IL PPO
Medicare Supplement Supplement Loyola, Gottlieb
Medicare Medicare Loyola, Gottlieb
Medicaid IL State Program - See Illinois Healthy Women if pink card Loyola, Gottlieb
Madden Mental Health Center Institutional Loyola
Longevity Medicare Advantage Loyola, Gottlieb
Local 1 See HFN
Lifestyles Plan Not insurance
Liberty Dental Managed Medicaid
Jesse Brown VA Hospital Institutional
Interplan Health Group See Preferred Plan
Inst-Hawthorn Dental Commercial
Inst-Associa Dental Specialist Commercial
Indiana Medicaid
Illinois Health Connect (Vision Optometry) CCE
Illinois Health Connect (Medicaid) Medicaid Replacement HMO
Illinicare MMAI MMAI MacNeal
IlliniCare Health Plan HMO (Medicaid) Medicaid Replacement HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Illinicare (Vision Optometry) MCO
Humana Transplant Network Transplant Loyola
Humana Military ChampVA/ Tricare Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana Medicare Transplant Network
Humana Medicare Medicare Replacement PPO - Choice Plans, Employer Plans Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana Medicare Medicare Replacement-HMO - Gold Plus, SNP Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana Medicare Medicare Replacement-PFFS - Gold Choice Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana Gold Plus Integrated MMAI MMAI MacNeal
Humana Dental Commercial
Humana - GMH West Town Humana HMO
Humana (Vision Optometry) MCO
Humana (Premier HMO OSF) HMO
Humana (Commercial) HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana (Commercial) PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana EPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Humana Healthcare Exchange Plan Loyola, Gottlieb
HMO Illinois See BCBS IL HMO
Hines VA Provider Network Hines VA Provider Network (TriWest PC3) Loyola
Hines VA Loyola
HFN PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
HealthSpring Medicare Advantage See Cigna Healthspring Medicare Advantage
Healthspring (Cigna) (Vision Optometry) MCO
HealthPartners See Cigna Indemnity 109901
HealthOne Not insurance
HealthLink HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
HealthLink PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
HealthLink Workers Comp
HealthCura MCO
HealthCare Privileges Gold Not insurance
Health Marketing PPO
Health Alliance Connect (Vision Optometry) MCO
Health Alliance (Not Participating) Medicare Replacement HMO, POS
Harmony Health Plan of IL See Meridian
Harmony (Vision Optometry) MCO
GMH West Town Humana See Humana - GMH West Town Humana
Generic Transplant Transplant Loyola
General Assistance Only
Galaxy Health Network Medicare Supplement-PPO
Galaxy Health Network Not insurance
Full Access Not insurance
For Your Good Health Not insurance
First Health Network PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
First Commonwealth (Guardian) (PPO) (Dental) Commercial
First Agency PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Family Health Network (Vision Optometry) MCCN
Family Care Illinois
Extra Health Not insurance
Entire Care
Early Intervention DHS program that provides care for children up to age 3 with developmental delays Loyola, Gottlieb
DSCC (Division of Specialized Care for Children) UIC program that provides care for children with special needs
Doral/Denta Quest - IDPA - HFS - Medicaid (Dental) Medicaid
DHS Social Services
Dept of Labor OWCP Workers Comp Loyola, Gottlieb
DenteMax (Dental) Commercial
Dental Health Alliance - DHA Commercial
Dental Health & Wellness Commercial
Dental Generic Commercial
Denta Quest - DMCO (Dental) Managed Medicaid
Delta Dental - Employee (Michigan) Commercial
Delta Dental Commercial
DeCare Dental Commercial
DCFS (Dep't of Children & Family Services) IL State Program Loyola, Gottlieb
Coventry PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Coventry See First Health if card does not say Coventry National Network
County Care MCO PPO MacNeal
County Care (Vision Optometry) MCO
CompDent Dental Commercial
Community Health first Advantage Medicare Replacement HMO
Community Care Partners ACE (Vision Optometry) ACE
Community care Alliance of Illinois (A subsidiary of FHN) (Vision Optometry) MCCN
Community Care Alliance of Illinois MMAI Medicare/ Medicaid Dual MacNeal
Community Care Alliance of Illinois Medicare Replacement PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Clear Spring Health Managed Medicare Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna Local PPO Narrow Network
Cigna Healthspring Medicare Replacement-HMO (specialists only) Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna Connect HMO HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna (Lifesource) Transplant Loyola
Cigna (Dental) Commercial
Cigna (Benefit Administrative Systems) Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna If card indicates Beech Street & Cigna PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna Indemnity Loyola, Gottlieb
Cigna PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Christian Brothers Services PPO
Christian Brothers Services PPO Loyola
CHBA Not insurance
Charity Assistance
CHAMPVA ChampVA/Tricare
Champus See Tricare
Chamber Health Not insurance
Capella Group Not insurance
BlueCross/BlueShield of Illinois PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
BlueCross/Blue Shield of Illinois PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Out-of-State HMO
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Out-of-State PPO
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Loyola/Gottlieb employees PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois Medicare Select Medicare Supplement-PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois HMO HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois Commercial Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois HMO Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage (Hospital / Specialists only) Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage (HMO Basic - Not Participating) HMO (Basic) - Not Participating Loyola
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO-POS (Hospital & Specialists with authorized referral) Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage PPO (Choice Plus and Choice Premier) Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Transplant Loyola
Blue Cross PPO (Dental) Commercial
Blue Cross Medicaid MCO Medicaid Replacement HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross Federal Employee Dental Commercial
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare/Medicaid Initiative Program MMAI Loyola, Gottlieb
Blue Cross (Vision Optometry) MCO Not in network
Better Health Network ACE (Vision Optometry) ACE
Better Health Network ACE
Best Benefits Discount Plans Not insurance
Beech Street PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Be Well Partners in Health (Vision Optometry) CCE
Be Well Partners in Health
BCBS IL Precision HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
BCBS Focus HMO (Blue Access) HMO
Avesis Dental Managed Medicaid
Assurant See PHCS
Anthem - (Not Participating) Medicare Replacement PPO
American Medical Securities See UHC or PHCS per card
American Health Services Not insurance
Ambetter Health PPO MacNeal
Ally Align / Sunrise Managed Medicare Loyola, Gottlieb
Allianz LifeTrac Transplant Loyola
All Kids
AHCO Not insurance
Aetna Savings Plus PPO
Aetna MMAI Medicare Replacement-MMAI MacNeal
Aetna Meritain HMO, PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO Medicare Replacement - PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO Medicare Replacement - HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Aetna Institutes of Excellence Transplant Loyola
Aetna Dental Commercial
Aetna Better Health (ABH) (Vision Optometry) MCO
Aetna HMO Loyola, Gottlieb
Aetna PPO Loyola, Gottlieb
Advocate Accountable Care ACE (Vision Optometry) ACE
Actin PPO Loyola
Access to Care Loyola
Access to Care Charity program that provides primary care to those who do not qualify for federal or state aid. It is a community benefit charity care program thru mainly our Roosevelt primary care clinic. Loyola
AARP Medicare Supplement Loyola, Gottlieb