Billing & Insurance

At Loyola, we recognize that focusing on your health is your number one priority. To help you do that, we offer you assistance with your financial and billing questions and concerns.

Loyola supports price transparency. To help our patients understand their potential financial liability for our services, we make our hospital charges and financial counselors available.

To learn more about Loyola’s accepted insurance plans, billing and financial questions, please visit:

Patients with questions about billing and financial services may call 800-424-4840.

Healthcare providers, insurers adopt new billing code, ICD-10

Beginning October 1, Loyola University Health System will join every U.S. healthcare and insurance provider in a nationwide switch to a new medical coding system called ICD-10. The new coding system will best describe thousands of clinical diagnoses more thoroughly than previous tools.

This change to ICD-10 means that everyone who plays a role in your care will use one common "language" to discuss and coordinate all aspects of your care. ICD-10 replaces an outdated system and gives us a better tool for delivering better care.

Loyola University Health System has planned for ICD-10 and our systems are prepared. There may be some unexpected delays in service as we make this change, however. For example, your caregiver, or a staff member, may need to ask additional questions to obtain more information about your health or past treatment. We ask for your patience until the update is complete, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may experience.

Hospital-based billing

In 2013, Loyola adopted hospital-based billing, meaning your insurance company may receive two bills: one for the doctor’s fees (often called “professional fees”) and one for other costs, such as medical supplies and nursing care (“technical fees”).

Depending on how your insurance processes these two claims, you may incur two copayments or deductibles. For details, please contact your insurance company. The process change did not affect patients with Medicare or Medicaid coverage.

If you have additional questions or want to learn more, please call 800-424-4840, and a financial representative will be happy to speak with you.