Loyola Medicine Referral Mobile App

Loyola Medicine Referral

Easily Collaborate with Loyola Physicians

Referral is Loyola Medicine’s free mobile app that makes it easier for you, your staff and your patients to work with Loyola specialists. The app is the convenient way for doctors, physician assistants, rehabilitation therapists and athletic trainers to make referrals and communicate with the referred specialist. 

Use Referral to:

  • Find a specialist and make a referral by mobile phone or tablet.
  • Directly contact the referring physician.
  • Allow clinical and administrative assistants to access referrals.
  • Send details that will help streamline scheduling.
  • Receive prompt follow-up from the referred physician.
  • Help patients keep track of referrals by sending them instantly by phone.
  • Ensure that specialists know the best way to reach you.
  • Find Loyola subspecialists by clinical interest, office location and language.
  • Reach Loyola physicians quickly by cell phone, pager, backline or assistant.
  • Track incoming and outgoing referrals in one place.

Get started with Preferral

It takes about five minutes to get started and helps us ensure that specialists you refer to have your current contact information.

Call 844-773-3775 with questions or to sign up over the phone. 

REFERRAL is used under license from Human Practice Inc.