Get Second Opionion If You've Had a Stroke | Loyola Medicine

If you've had a stroke, you should get a second opinion at Loyola

With stroke, lost time is the same as lost brain cells. Dr. José Biller, chair of Neurology at Loyola and a renowned expert on stroke, talks about the importance of seeing a doctor after a stroke. It is the leading cause of adult disability in the U.S. Some signs of stroke include: a sudden, severe headache; weakness or numbness on one side of the body; trouble speaking; vertigo; dizziness; and double vision. These symptoms may only last about 15-20 minutes. But that doesn't mean the danger has gone away. Call 911 and get to the hospital immediately if you experience these symptoms. But if you've sought treatment and wonder if further treatment would help, you should call Loyola's Second Opinion Stroke Clinic at (708) 216-2438.