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Pulmonary and Critical Care Evaluation Process

Monthly Fellow Evaluation
Fellows receive a monthly evaluation by a supervising attending. This is an assessment of the Fellow's performance during any clinical rotation and will become part of the permanent file. At the end of each month the attending will personally discuss this evaluation with the Fellow.

Semi-Annual Evaluation
Each Fellow will meet with the Program Director or a member of the Fellowship Training Committee semi-annually to discuss his or her performance. The purpose of these meetings is to provide feedback to the Fellow, discuss areas of deficiency requiring special attention, and provide counseling on career development.

National In-Service Examination
This examination is administered yearly to provide an objective assessment of the fellows' progress. This computer-based exam has been constructed by the Association of Pulmonary and Critical Care Program Directors in conjunction with the ACCP and ATS to provide trainees and programs feedback on knowledge base and curricula.

Certification of Technical Competence
Each Fellow is responsible for maintaining a record of all procedures performed. The number of procedures will be recorded in the Fellow's permanent file. Procedures are entered into the online E-value system.

Clinical Competency Committee
This committee evaluates the performance of all clinical Fellows bi-annually on the twenty-three Milestones as set under the Next Accreditation System (NAS). The committee is charged with the special responsibility of designating remedial actions to be taken in the case of Fellows whose performance has been problematic. Other responsibilities of the committee are to design the fellowship curriculum and establish goals and objectives, and teaching methods.  

Fellow Evaluation of Faculty and Curriculum
At the completion of each clinical year, the Fellow will complete a detailed and confidential evaluation of the training program, curriculum, and a detailed evaluation of each supervising faculty member.