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General Cardiology Fellowship Program

Program Overview

We thank you for your interest in our general cardiology fellowship program.  Our mission is to provide outstanding training required for a successful career as a cardiologist.  We accept 6 fellows per year to our ACGME accredited three-year general cardiology training program.  The foundation of our fellowship training relies on the tremendous depth and breadth of our clinical care.

Within an academic teaching environment composed of Loyola University Medical Center and VA Hines Medical Center, our fellows are exposed to a high volume of challenging cases.  Our Division of Cardiology provides comprehensive tertiary care in all aspects of cardiovascular medicine including electrophysiology, advanced heart failure/cardiac transplantation, interventional cardiology, advanced cardiac imaging, and lipidology/preventive cardiology.

In addition to the diverse clinical training, fellows are provided a broad-based core curriculum aimed to provide them with the strong knowledge base to practice cardiovascular medicine.  Research training is an integral part of our fellowship.  All fellows are expected to complete a formal research project during their training. We have structured our program to allow fellows to have an outstanding training experience tailored to their individual career interests.

Dr. Mushabbar Syed, Program Director

Mushabbar Syed, MD
Program Director






Educational Objectives

Clinical Rotations

Electrophysiology:  The goal of this rotation is to provide fellows with an introduction to arrhythmia management, device implantation indication, and device interrogation.  The rotation will consist of EP ward consultation, device interrogation, pre- and post-procedure evaluation in collaboration with the attending electrophysiologist and EP fellow. The general fellow will also have the opportunity to assist in electrophysiology procedures.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab:  Fellows rotate through the cardiac catherization laboratory at Loyola University Medical Center and VA Hines Medical Center and will learn the knowledge base and skills required to perform adult diagnostic cardiac catheterization.  General fellows will have exposure to a high volume and wide variety of cardiac procedures including complex coronary interventions, valvuloplasty, intracoronary ultrasound, atherectomy and peripheral interventions.  In addition, Loyola has a robust structural program that allows the fellows to be exposed to a number of advanced and investigational device protocols such as percutaneous valve replacement.

Echocardiography:  The goal of this rotation is to provide fellows with the ability to perform and interpret echocardiograms. Fellows perform transthoracic, transesophageal, and cardiac stress echocardiograms in collaboration with attending physicians.  Daily didactic instruction on echocardiogram interpretation is provided by echo lab faculty. 

Coronary Care Unit:  This clinical rotation provides cardiology fellows exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of acute clinical problems encountered by critically-ill patients with cardiovascular disease.   Fellows will assist in the supervision and education of a team of residents, interns, and medical students. 

Cardiology Ward Service:  This is a clinical rotation that provides fellows exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of clinical problems encountered by patients with cardiovascular disease admitted to a general cardiology medical floor.

Consultation Service:  The goal of this rotation is to expose fellows to a broad range of acute and chronic cardiovascular problems and to develop the skills vital to providing appropriate consultation to other medical services.

Advanced Heart Failure/Heart Transplant:  This rotation will include daily rounds of congestive heart failure (CHF) and heart transplant patients. Fellows will perform bedside hemodynamic monitoring and right heart catheterization under the supervision of the attending physician.  Fellows will assume an active role in therapeutic decision making for CHF and pre-and post-transplant patients and gain exposure to comprehensive management of heart transplant recipients.  Fellows will gain exposure to selection and management of VAD and/or total artificial heart patients.

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging:  This rotation is designed to provide clinical and research training through hands-on and didactic exposure to cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and nuclear cardiology.  This training is undertaken under the direct supervision of full-time qualified level 2- and level 3-trained cardiology faculty and nuclear medicine faculty.

Outpatient Continuity Clinic: All fellows are assigned on average one half day of outpatient cardiology clinic per week divided between the outpatient cardiology clinics at Loyola University Medical Center and VA Hines Medical Center.

Research Curriculum

Research training is vital to preparing fellows for a well-rounded career rooted in the scientific method and the practice of evidence-based medicine.  With the guidance of research mentors, all fellows are expected to conduct at least one research project during their fellowship.  At the end of their fellowship, fellows will be required to present the conclusions of their research at State of the Heart/Cardiology Grand Rounds.  In addition to their research project, fellows receive didactics on core research-related topics during the weekly Research Conference/Journal Club.


State of the Heart/Grand Rounds Conference
This conference is held weekly.  The conference consists of presentations given by internal division faculty members, external invited speakers, and cardiology fellows on clinical and research topics in cardiology.

Echocardiography Conference
This conference is held weekly.  Presentations are given by division faculty and fellows on general topics in echocardiography and interesting imaging cases.

ECG Conference
This conference is held 2-3 times monthly, organized by fellows, electrophysiology faculty, and cardiographics division faculty.  Topics related to interpreting 12 lead ECGs and intracardiac electrograms as well as arrhythmia management are discussed.

Cardiac Catheterization Conference
This conference is held weekly.  Fellows rotating through the cardiac cath lab organize the conference with presentation of cath films and discussion of a clinical cardiology related topic.

Research and Journal Club Conference
This conference is held two times monthly.  Division faculty, guest faculty, and fellows present their research.  In addition, once per month, recent journal articles are presented and discussed.

Electrophysiology Conference
This conference is held weekly and organized by EP fellows and division faculty. Various topics related to arrhythmia management are discussed.

Vascular Medicine Conference
This conference is held once monthly and designed to cover a wide range of vascular medicine topics. In addition, reading sessions are held once a month in order to help prepare for vascular medicine boards. This conference is organized by division faculty boarded in vascular medicine.

Imaging (Cardiac MRI/CT) Conference
This conference is held every other week in collaboration with the Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging faculty and fellow.

Nuclear Stress Correlation Conference
This conference is held monthly. Interesting nuclear medicine stress exams are presented with correlation to angiographic findings. This conference is organized by fellows, division cardiology faculty, and nuclear medicine radiologist and fellows.

Device Lecture Series
This conference is held monthly. Device and arrhythmia management as well as device programming is discussed.

Current Fellows

Third Year Fellows

Michael Banning Jerry Kwong Devin Lowenstein
Michael Banning (Chief Fellow)
Residency: Emory University
Medical School: Emory University
Jerry Kwong
Residency: LAC & USC Medical Center
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Devin Loewenstein (Chief Fellow)
Residency: UCLA Medical Center
Medical School:  Loyola University
Naeem Moulki Benjamin Weber Mingxi Dennis Yu
Naeem Moulki
Residency: University of Minnesota
Medical School: University of Damascus
Benjamin Weber
Residency: University of Chicago
Medical School: Loyola University
Mingxi Dennis Yu
Residency: University of Wisconsin
Medical School: University of Virginia

Second Year Fellows

Sorcha Allen Nimit Desai Joshua Newman
Sorcha Allen
Residency: Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Medical School: Univ College Cork
Nimit Desai
Residency: University of Chicago
Medical School: University of Michigan
Joshua Newman
Residency:  Loyola University
Medical School: Rosalind Franklin University
Katerina Porcaro Matt Sather Alex Turin
Katie Porcaro
Residency: Loyola University
Medical School: Loyola University
Matthew Sather
Residency: University of Pittsburgh
Medical School:  University of Pittsburgh
Alexander Turin
Residency:  Loyola University
Medical School:  Northwestern University

First Year Fellows

Max Brock
Residency:  Boston University
Medical School: Boston University     
Farid Gholitabar
Residency:  Icahn SOM @ Mt. Sinai
Medical School:  St. George's University
Matthew Laubham
Residency: Loyola University
Medical School: Lake Erie Osteopathic
Ahmad Manshad
Residency: Rush University
Medical School: University of New Mexico         
Alexandru Marginean
Residency:  University of Chicago
Medical School:  Rosalind Franklin University
Mark Pelka
Residency: Loyola University
Medical School: Poznan University

Alumni Placement

Ahmad Agha ('19):           Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Houston Methodist Hospital

Shadi Al Halabi ('19):        Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / University of Illinois, Chicago

Caroline Ball ('19):            Assistant Professor of Medicine / Loyola University Medical Center

Lucas Burke ('19):             Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / University of Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital

Demetrios Doukas ('19):    Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

Zeeshan Hussain ('19):       Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC


Yevgeniy Brailovsky ('18):    Research Fellowship / Loyola University Chicago

Siri Kunchakarra ('18):         Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship / LUMC

Afaq Motiwala ('18):             Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Temple University

Ambrose Panico ('18):         Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Andrew Stiff ('18):                 Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

Ross Vimr ('18):                     Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC


Dominick Bufalino ('17):      Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

Taishi Hirai ('17):                   Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / University of Chicago

Anjali Joshi ('17):                   Advanced Heart Failure Fellowship / LUMC

Christopher Latanich ('17):  Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Owais Malick ('17):               Advanced Heart Failure Fellowship / Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Rina Verma ('17):                  Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship / LUMC


Ashish Haryani ('16):            Advanced Heart Failure Fellowship / LUMC

Christopher Henry ('16):     Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Michael Hushion ('16):        Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Joseph Marmora ('16):         Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Stony Brook University

Shermeen Memon ('16):     Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship / LUMC

Suraj Rao ('16):                      Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Scripps Health  


Anoop Agrawal ('15):           Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / St. Vincent's Hospital

Anish Amin ('15):                  Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

John Kaminski ('15):             Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Conner O'Keefe ('15):          Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Tonye Teme ('15):                 Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship / LUMC

Vincent Woo ('15):                Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC


Ryan Beard ('14):                 Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Chirag Mehta ('14):             Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Lankenau Medical Center

Brian O'Leary ('14):             Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Michael Ryan ('14):             Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / William Beaumont Hospital

Tariq Salman ('14):              Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

Falak Shah ('14):                  Interventional Cardiology Fellowship / LUMC

Application Procedure

We thank you for your interest in applying to our fellowship program.  We participate in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) selection process. To apply to the program, please contact the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)

We require the following supporting documents submitted via ERAS program:

  • Application
  • Official medical school transcripts. If originals are not in English, please provide a certified English translation.
  • An official record of board scores (USMLE or ECFMG if you are a graduate of a foreign medical school)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation, including one from your program director
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement

Applicants must possess a valid permanent Visa or U.S. citizenship. The Program does not sponsor H-1B Visas.

All Fellowship candidates must possess a valid permanent Illinois medical license when they start the program.

Applicants must have three years of accredited postgraduate education in internal medicine and must be eligible for or have passed the ABIM examination.

Program Contacts

For additional information, please contact:

Kimberly Treckler
Loyola University Medical Center
2160 South First Avenue
Building 110 - Room 6292
Maywood, IL 60153
Phone: (708) 216-5911