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Emergency Medicine Residency Resiliency & Wellness

Resiliency & Wellness is a crucial part of any residency training program. You are of course in training to work hard, study hard, and get as much experience as possible in the short time you are in training. In order for you to be able to maximize your efforts in these areas, you must be able to decompress when outside of work, and you must be able to stay healthy and subsequently happy. Residency is hard – you are going to miss family events, you are going to miss time with friends. It is stressful. To not think about these things when building a residency program would be to miss the importance of balance, the importance of being well, and the positive impact doing so can have on your training.

Week of Wellness

Every year, our GME office arranges a ‘Week of Wellness’ with different activities organized for each weekday. From free treats, to educational sessions, to painting, to massages. The goal is to foster and grow our positive working environment, and ensure you have an eye towards your own wellness.

Week of Wellness schedule

Loyola University Medical Center Residents and Fellows at baseball game

Baseball Outing

Every year, there is also a Baseball outing for residents & fellows to attend. This allows for further interaction between our different specialties, again fostering the ‘team’ spirit of LUMC.


Loyola Center for Fitness

We also offer access to our state-of-the art gym, The Loyola Center For Fitness, an impressive facility just a few hundred yards from the hospital. Partnering again with the GME office we will offer: Free gym access on the 1st Thursday of every month, and reduced Trainee Dues.

View a gallery of the Fitness Center.

Loyola Center for Fitness

Additional Resources

Loyola EM, along with the GME office at LUMC, is committed to making sure Resiliency & Wellness, and the promotion of these important factors, is present in your training. We will have the following on top of the above-mentioned offerings:

  • Annual Emergency Medicine Residency retreats
  • Built-In EM conference time dedicated to these core topics
  • An integrated Mentoring program
  • Monthly GME Resiliency offerings
  • Quarterly GME sponsored lunches
  • GME Wellness Space
  • GME Grand Rounds & Wellness Education