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Zeying Du, MD, PhD


Associate Professor
Director, HLA Laboratory

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese

Clinical Expertise

  • HLA Testing

About Dr. Du

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Medical Education

Medical School
Third Military Medical University, China
Guangzhou General Hospital
China - Internal Medicine: Clinical Pharmacology

Board Certification


  • Plasma cell densities and glomerular filtration rates predict renal allograft outcomes following acute rejection Chang, A.; Moore, J. M.; Cowan, M. L.; Josephson, M. A.; Chon, W. J.; Sciammas, R.; Du, Z.; Marino, S. R.; Meehan, S. M.; Millis, M.; David, M. Z.; Williams, J. W.; Chong, A. S., Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation
  • Activating killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors 3DS1 and 2DS1 protect against developing the severe form of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis Bonagura, V. R.; Du, Z.; Ashouri, E.; Luo, L.; Hatam, L. J.; DeVoti, J. A.; Rosenthal, D. W.; Steinberg, B. M.; Abramson, A. L.; Gjertson, D. W.; Reed, E. F.; Rajalingam, R., Human immunology
  • Combination of KIR and HLA gene variants augments the risk of developing birdshot chorioretinopathy in HLA-A*29-positive individuals Levinson, R. D.; Du, Z.; Luo, L.; Monnet, D.; Tabary, T.; Brezin, A. P.; Zhao, L.; Gjertson, D. W.; Holland, G. N.; Reed, E. F.; Cohen, J. H.; Rajalingam, R., Genes and immunity
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  • Distinct diversity of KIR genes in three southern Indian populations: comparison with world populations revealed a link between KIR gene content and pre-historic human migrations Rajalingam, R.; Du, Z.; Meenagh, A.; Luo, L.; Kavitha, V. J.; Pavithra-Arulvani, R.; Vidhyalakshmi, A.; Sharma, S. K.; Balazs, I.; Reed, E. F.; Pitchappan, R. M.; Middleton, D., Immunogenetics
  • KIR and HLA gene combinations in Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease Levinson, R. D.; Du, Z.; Luo, L.; Holland, G. N.; Rao, N. A.; Reed, E. F.; Rajalingam, R., Human immunology
  • KIR2DL5 alleles mark certain combination of activating KIR genes Du, Z.; Sharma, S. K.; Spellman, S.; Reed, E. F.; Rajalingam, R., Genes and immunity
  • Chain-terminating natural mutations affect the function of activating KIR receptors 3DS1 and 2DS3 Luo, L.; Du, Z.; Sharma, S. K.; Cullen, R.; Spellman, S.; Reed, E. F.; Rajalingam, R., Immunogenetics
  • Receptor-ligand analyses define minimal killer cell Ig-like receptor (KIR) in humans Du, Z.; Gjertson, D. W.; Reed, E. F.; Rajalingam, R., Immunogenetics
  • Noninvasive diagnosis of cellular and antibody-mediated rejection by perforin and granzyme B in renal allografts Veale, J. L.; Liang, L. W.; Zhang, Q.; Gjertson, D. W.; Du, Z.; Bloomquist, E. W.; Jia, J.; Qian, L.; Wilkinson, A. H.; Danovitch, G. M.; Pham, P. T.; Rosenthal, J. T.; Lassman, C. R.; Braun, J.; Reed, E. F.; Gritsch, H. A., Human immunology
  • Analysis of triptolide-regulated gene expression in Jurkat cells by complementary DNA microarray Du, Z. Y.; Li, X. Y.; Li, Y. C.; Wang, S. Y., Acta Pharmacologica Sinica