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Xiaoling Li, MD


Surgical Research
Research Assistant Professor

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese

Clinical Expertise



Medical Education

Medical School
Lanzhou Medical College, China
Lanzhou Medical College
China - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Board Certification


  • Alcohol enhances symptoms and propensity for infection in inflammatory bowel disease patients and a murine model of DSS-induced colitis. Cannon, AR; Kuprys, PV; Cobb, AN; Ding, X; Kothari, AN; Kuo, PC; Eberhardt, JM; Hammer, AM; Morris, NL; Li, X; Choudhry, MA, Journal of leukocyte biology
  • Dysregulation of microRNA biogenesis in the small intestine after ethanol and burn injury. Morris, NL; Hammer, AM; Cannon, AR; Gagnon, RC; Li, X; Choudhry, MA, Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • IL-23 restoration of Th17 effector function is independent of IL-6 and TGF-? in a mouse model of alcohol and burn injury. Li, X; Cannon, AR; Hammer, AM; Morris, NL; Choudhry, MA, Journal of leukocyte biology
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  • Interleukin-22 Prevents Microbial Dysbiosis and Promotes Intestinal Barrier Regeneration Following Acute Injury. Hammer, AM; Morris, NL; Cannon, AR; Khan, OM; Gagnon, RC; Movtchan, NV; van Langeveld, I; Li, X; Gao, B; Choudhry, MA, Shock (Augusta, Ga.)