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  • Genome-wide mapping and profiling of ?H2AX binding hotspots in response to different replication stress inducers Lyu, X., Chastain, M. *Chai, W. , BMC genomics
  • Pathogenic CTC1 mutations cause global genome instabilities under replication stress Wang, Y., *Chai, W, Nucleic acids research
  • The MLH1 ATPase domain is needed for suppressing aberrant formation of interstitial telomeric sequences Jia P., *Chai W, DNA REPAIR
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  • Human MLH1 suppresses the insertion of telomeric sequences at intra-chromosomal sites in telomerase-expressing cells Jia, P., Chastain, M., Zou, Y., Her, C., *Chai, W, Nucleic acids research
  • The Human CTC1/STN1/TEN1 Complex Localizes in ALT-Associated PML Bodies and Regulates Telomere maintenance in ALT cancer cells Huang, C., Jia, P., Chastain, M., Shiva, O., Dai, X., *Chai, W. , Experimental cell research
  • Human CST facilitates genome-wide RAD51 recruitment to GC-rich repetitive sequences in response to replication stress Chastain, M., Zhou, Q., Shiva, O., Whitmore, L., Jia, P., Dai, X., Huang, C., Fadri-Moskwik, M., Ye, P., *Chai, W, Cell reports
  • Suppression of STN1 Enhances the Cytotoxicity of Chemotherapeutic Agents in Cancer Cell Lines by Increasing DNA Damages Zhou, Q.V., Sampathi, S., *Chai, W, ONCOLOGY LETTERS
  • DNA Excision Repair at Telomeres Jia, P., Her, C., *Chai, W. , DNA REPAIR
  • The FEN1 E359K mutation isolated from a breast cancer patient disrupts the FEN1-WRN interaction and FEN1 GEN activity causing aneuploidy-associated cancers, Chung, L., Onyango, D., Guo, Z., Jia, P., Dai, H., Lin, W., Pang, I., Li, H., Yuan, Y., Huang, Q., Zheng, L., Lopes, J., Nicolas, A., Chai, W., Raz, D., Reckamp, K.L., Shen, B. , EMBO Journal
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  • Beyond telomerase: Telomere instability as a novel target for cancer therapy Fadri-Moskwik, M., Zhou, V., *Chai, W, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND GENETIC MEDICINE
  • DNA2 a new player in telomere maintenance and tumor suppression, *Chai, W., Zheng, L., Shen, B. , CELL CYCLE
  • Mammalian DNA2 cleaves G-quadruplex DNA and is required for telomere integrity Lin, W., Sampathi, S., Dai, H., Liu, C., Zhou, M. Hu, J., Huang, Q., Campbell, J., Zheng, L., *Chai, W., Shen, B. , EMBO Journal
  • CDK1 differentially regulates G-overhang generation at leading- and lagging-strand telomeres in telomerase negative cells in the G2 phase Dai, X., Huang, C., and *Chai, W, CELL CYCLE
  • CTC1 deletion results in defective telomere replication leading to catastrophic telomere loss and stem cell exhaustion, Gu, P., Min, J., Wang, Y., Huang, C., Chai, W. and Chang, S, EMBO Journal
  • Human Stn1 protects telomere integrity by promoting efficient lagging-strand synthesis at telomeres and mediating C-strand fill-in Huang, C., Dai, X., and *Chai, W, Cell research
  • Mapping the domain of FEN1/hTERT association Sampathi, S. and *Chai, W. , BIOCHEMCIAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS
  • Telomere replication: poised but puzzling Sampathi, S. and *Chai, W. , JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
  • The causal link between microsatellite instability and hMRE11 dysfunction in human cancers Wu, X., Xu, Y., Chai, W. and Her, C. , Molecular cancer research : MCR
  • Molecular steps of G-overhang generation at human telomeres and its function in chromosome end protection Dai, X., Huang, C., Bhusari, A., Sampathi, S, Schubert, K. and *Chai, W. , EMBO Journal
  • Human flap endonuclease I is in complex with telomerase and is required for telomerase-mediated telomere maintenance Sampathi, S, Bhusari, A., Shen, B., *Chai, W. , Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Telomere dynamics in macaques and humans Gardner, J.P., Kimura, M., Chai, W., Durrani, J.F., Tchakmakjian, L. Cao, X., Lu, X., Li, G., Peppas, Skurnick, T.J., Wright, W.E., Shay, J.W., Aviv, A. , JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGY: BIOL. SCI. MED. SCI.
  • Human telomeres have difference overhang sizes at the leading versus lagging strands Chai, W., Du, Q., Shay, J. W., Wright, W.E. , Molecular cell
  • The involvement of the Mre11/Rad50/Nbs1 complex in the generation of G-overhangs at human telomeres Chai, W., Sfeir, A.J., Hoshiyama, H., Shay, J.W., Wright, W.E. , EMBO reports
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  • Telomere end processing: the last base of mammalian chromosomes Sfeir, A.J., Chai, W., Shay, J.W., Wright, W.E. , Molecular cell
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  • Human Ku70/80 associates physically with telomerase through interaction with hTERT Chai, W., Ford, L.P., Lenertz, L., Wright, W.E., Shay, J.W. , Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • General nitrogen regulation (Ntr) of nitrate assimilation regulatory gene nasR expression in Klebsiella oxytoca M5al Wu, Q, Chai, W., Lin, J. T. and Stewart, V. , Journal of Bacteriology
  • RNA sequence requirements for NasR-mediated nitrate-responsive transcription antitermination in the Klebsiella oxytoca M5al nasF operon leader, Chai, W. and Stewart, V. , Journal of Molecular Biology
  • NasR a novel RNA-binding protein, mediates nitrate-responsive transcription antitermination of the Klebsiella oxytoca M5al nasF operon leader in vitro, Chai, W. and Stewart, V. , Journal of Molecular Biology