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Ping Bu, MD


Research Associate Professor

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese

Clinical Expertise



Medical Education

Medical School
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Beijing Hospital
China - Ophthalmology

Board Certification


  • Zidovudine protects hyperosmolarity-stressed human corneal epithelial cells via antioxidant pathway Liu, H.; Gambino, F. Jr; Algenio, C.; Bouchard, C.; Qiao, L.; Bu, P.; Zhao, S., Biochemical and biophysical research communications
  • Papilloma-pseudovirus eradicates intestinal tumours and triples the lifespan of ApcMin/+ mice Zhong, Z.; Zhai, Y.; Bu, P.; Shah, S.; Qiao, L., Nature communications
  • Carnosic acid slows photoreceptor degeneration in the Pde6b(rd10) mouse model of retinitis pigmentosa Kang, K.; Tarchick, M. J.; Yu, X.; Beight, C.; Bu, P.; Yu, M., Scientific reports
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  • Deficiency of CC chemokine ligand 2 and decay-accelerating factor causes retinal degeneration in mice Yu, M.; Kang, K.; Bu, P.; Bell, B. A.; Kaul, C.; Qiao, J. B.; Sturgill-Short, G.; Yu, X.; Tarchick, M. J.; Beight, C.; Zhang, S. X.; Peachey, N. S., Experimental eye research
  • Protection of retinal function by sulforaphane following retinal ischemic injury Ambrecht, L. A.; Perlman, J. I.; McDonnell, J. F.; Zhai, Y.; Qiao, L.; Bu, P., Experimental eye research
  • Effects of activated omental cells on rat limbal corneal alkali injury Bu, P.; Vin, A. P.; Sethupathi, P.; Ambrecht, L. A.; Zhai, Y.; Nikolic, N.; Qiao, L.; Bouchard, C. S., Experimental eye research
  • Neuroprotective effect of resveratrol prophylaxis on experimental retinal ischemic injury Vin, A. P.; Hu, H.; Zhai, Y.; Von Zee, C. L.; Logeman, A.; Stubbs, E. B., Jr; Perlman, J. I.; Bu, P., Experimental eye research
  • Neuroprotective Effect of Resveratrol on Experimental Retinal Ischemic Injury. Arvo Abstract A130 Vin, A. P.; Zhai, Y.; Pang, Y.; Logeman, A.; Hu, H.; Qiao, L.; Stubbs, E. B., Jr; Perlman, J.; Bu, P., ARVO Meeting Abstracts
  • Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor facilitates recovery of retinal function following retinal ischemic injury. ARVO; VA Research Poster Day 2010 Bu, P.; Basith, B.; Stubbs, E. B., Jr; Perlman, J. I., Experimental eye research
  • Intraocular pressure changes during cardiopulmonary bypass pump and off-pump cardiac surgeries. Park, W.; Tidow-Kebritchi, S.; Bu, P.; Kleinman, B. S.; DePinto, D. J.; Perlman, J. I., Federal Practitioner
  • Increased RhoA and RhoB protein accumulation in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells by lovastatin. Von Zee, C. L.; Richards, M. P.; Bu, P.; Perlman, J. I.; Stubbs, E. B., Jr, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
  • A comparison of topical chlorhexidine ciprofloxacin, and fortified tobramycin/cefazolin in rabbit models of Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas keratitis., Bu, P.; Riske, P. S.; Zaya, N. E.; Carey, R.; Bouchard, C. S., Journal of Ocular Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Apoptosis: one of the mechanisms that maintains unresponsiveness of the intestinal mucosal immune system Bu, P.; Keshavarzian, A.; Stone, D. D.; Liu, J.; Le, P. T.; Fisher, S.; Qiao, L., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950)
  • Cervical cancer cells induce apoptosis of cytotoxic T lymphocytes Contreras, D. N.; Krammer, P. H.; Potkul, R. K.; Bu, P.; Rossi, J. L.; Kaufmann, A. M.; Gissmann, L.; Qiao, L., Journal of immunotherapy (Hagerstown, Md.: 1997)