Paul Crisostomo, MD, FACS

Paul Crisostomo, MD, FACS


Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Gottlieb Memorial Hospital Wound Center

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Clinical Expertise

  • Vascular Access
  • Vascular And Interventional Radiology
  • Vascular Disease
  • Venous Disease

Medical Education

Medical School
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine - General Surgery
  • Indiana University School of Medicine - Vascular Surgery

Board Certification

American Board of Surgery, Vascular Surgery


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  • Compartment Syndrome of the Arm from Intravenous Infiltration during Radial Artery Catheterization Dieter, R. S.; Dieter, R. A., Jr; Crisostomo, P., Texas Heart Institute Journal
  • Giant Spontaneous Greater Saphenous Vein Aneurysm Lim, S.; Halandras, P.; Hershberger, R.; Aulivola, B.; Crisostomo, P., Annals of Vascular Surgery
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  • Iliac Stent Migration during Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair Resulting in Functional Coarctation Clementi, J.; Lim, S.; Halandras, P.; Aulivola, B.; Crisostomo, P. R., Annals of Vascular Surgery
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  • Spontaneous Ruptured Dissection of the Right Common Iliac Artery in a Patient with Classic Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Phenotype Gaines, R.; Tinkle, B. T.; Halandras, P. M.; Al-Nouri, O.; Crisostomo, P.; Cho, J. S., Annals of Vascular Surgery