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Paolo Nucifora, MD, PhD

Paolo Nucifora, MD, PhD


Associate Professor

Languages Spoken

English, Italian

Clinical Expertise



Medical Education

Medical School
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania - Radiology: Diagnostic Radiology
  • University of Pennsylvania - Neuroradiology

Board Certification

American Board of Radiology Diagnostic Radiology
American Board of Radiology, Neuroradiology


  • Combat-related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Association between Baseline Diffusion-Tensor Imaging Findings and Long-term Outcomes Ware, J. B.; Biester, R. C.; Whipple, E.; Robinson, K. M.; Ross, R. J.; Nucifora, P. G., Radiology
  • Fractional anisotropy fiber integration (FAFI) improves detection of heterogeneous white matter alteration. Nucifora, P.G.; Ware, J.B.; Gawrysiak, M.J.; Whipple, E.; Wolf, R.L.; Biester, R.C.; Ross, R.J.; Robinson, K.M.;, Journal of Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery
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  • Nomenclature: The Nidus for Change Amber, I.; Mohan, S.; Nucifora, P., ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY
  • Intracranial aneurysms: a game of millimeters Amber, I.; Mohan, S.; Nucifora, P., ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY
  • Overdiagnosis in the era of neuropsychiatric imaging Nucifora, P. G., ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY
  • Characteristics of spondylotic myelopathy on 3D driven-equilibrium fast spin echo and 2D fast spin echo magnetic resonance imaging: a retrospective cross-sectional study Abdulhadi, M. A.; Perno, J. R.; Melhem, E. R.; Nucifora, P. G., PLoS ONE
  • The Eagle Sign (of radiologic diagnosis) aids in the management of spontaneous intracranial hypertension. Wildenberg, J.C.; Chadalavada, S.C.; Akers, S.; Yagnik, P.M.; Nucifora, P.G.;, NEURO-ONCOLOGY
  • Using Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Explore Biomarkers of Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after Blast Injury Whipple E, Greene J, Biester R, Robinson K, Nucifora P, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Multiple sclerosis: identification of temporal changes in brain lesions with computer-assisted detection software Bilello, M.; Arkuszewski, M.; Nucifora, P.; Nasrallah, I.; Melhem, E. R.; Cirillo, L.; Krejza, J., The neuroradiology journal
  • Use of diffusion tensor imaging in glioma resection Abdullah, K. G.; Lubelski, D.; Nucifora, P. G.; Brem, S., Neurosurgical Focus
  • Automated diffusion tensor tractography: implementation and comparison to user-driven tractography Nucifora, P. G.; Wu, X.; Melhem, E. R.; Gur, R. E.; Gur, R. C.; Verma, R., ACADEMIC RADIOLOGY
  • Diffusion MR imaging: basic principles Yang, E.; Nucifora, P. G.; Melhem, E. R., Neuroimaging clinics of North America
  • Evolving Role of Modern Structural and Functional MR Imaging Techniques for Assessing Neuropsychiatric Disorders Nucifora, P., PET clinics
  • Diffusion-tensor MR imaging and tractography: exploring brain microstructure and connectivity Nucifora, P. G.; Verma, R.; Lee, S. K.; Melhem, E. R., Radiology
  • Leftward asymmetry in relative fiber density of the arcuate fasciculus Nucifora, P. G.; Verma, R.; Melhem, E. R.; Gur, R. E.; Gur, R. C., Neuroreport
  • MR diagnosis of myxomatous aneurysms: report of two cases Nucifora, P. G.; Dillon, W. P., AJNR.American journal of neuroradiology