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Nadia Qureshi, MD, FAAP

Nadia Qureshi, MD


General Pediatrics
Associate Professor

Languages Spoken

English, Urdu,Hindi

Clinical Expertise

  • Immunizations

About Dr. Qureshi


Medical Education

Medical School
Aga Khan University-India, Pakistan
University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center - Pediatrics
  • University of Chicago Medical Center - Pediatrics: Pediatric Infectious Disease

Board Certification

American Board of Pediatrics
Pediatric Infectious Diseases, American Board of Pediatrics Subspecialty


  • A Multi-Centered Case-Case-Control Study of Factors Associated with Klebsiella pneumoniae Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Infections in Children and Young Adults. Logan, LK; Nguyen, DC; Scaggs Huang, FA; Qureshi, NK; Charnot-Katsikas, A; Bartlett, AH; Zheng, X; Hujer, AM; Domitrovic, TN; Marshall, SH; Bonomo, RA; Weinstein, RA, The Pediatric infectious disease journal
  • Aerococcus urinae as the Causative Agent in Infective Endocarditis of the Aortic Valve in a Pediatric Patient Qureshi, N. K.; Patel, E., The Pediatric infectious disease journal
  • Community Origins and Regional Differences Highlight Risk of Plasmid-Mediated Fluoroquinolone Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Infections in Children. Logan, LK; Medernach, RL; Rispens, JR; Marshall, SH; Hujer, AM; Domitrovic, TN; Rudin, SD; Zheng, X; Qureshi, NK; Konda, S; Hayden, MK; Weinstein, RA; Bonomo, RA, The Pediatric infectious disease journal
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  • Operation Homefront: Meeting Clerkship Competencies with Home Visits to Families of Children with Special Needs. Anderson, EE; Boyd, B; Qureshi, NK; Stirling, JM; McCarthy, V; Kuczewski, MG, Academic pediatrics
  • Analysis of beta-Lactamase Resistance Determinants in Enterobacteriaceae from Chicago Children: a Multicenter Survey Logan, L. K.; Hujer, A. M.; Marshall, S. H.; Domitrovic, T. N.; Rudin, S. D.; Zheng, X.; Qureshi, N. K.; Hayden, M. K.; Scaggs, F. A.; Karadkhele, A.; Bonomo, R. A., Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
  • The role of the Staphylococcal VraTSR regulatory system on vancomycin resistance and vanA operon expression in vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Qureshi, NK; Yin, S; Boyle-Vavra, S, PLoS ONE
  • Six-week-old with fever and fussiness Humikowski, C. A.; Qureshi, N.; Montgomery, C. P.; Wollmann, R. L.; Daum, R. S., The Pediatric infectious disease journal
  • Pediatric antiretroviral therapy Cadilla, A.; Qureshi, N.; Johnson, D. C., Expert review of anti-infective therapy