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Michael Zilliox, PhD

Michael Zilliox, PhD


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  • Association of Cardiomyopathy With MYBPC3 D389V and MYBPC3?25bpIntronic Deletion in South Asian Descendants. Viswanathan, SK; Puckelwartz, MJ; Mehta, A; Ramachandra, CJA; Jagadeesan, A; Fritsche-Danielson, R; Bhat, RV; Wong, P; Kandoi, S; Schwanekamp, JA; Kuffel, G; Pesce, LL; Zilliox, MJ; Durai, UNB; Verma, RS; Molokie, RE; Suresh, DP; Khoury, PR; Thomas, A; Sanagala, T; Tang, HC; Becker, RC; Kn?ll, R; Shim, W; McNally, EM; Sadayappan, S, JAMA cardiology
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  • Exosomal miR-21a-5p mediates cardioprotection by mesenchymal stem cells. Luther, KM; Haar, L; McGuinness, M; Wang, Y; Lynch Iv, TL; Phan, A; Song, Y; Shen, Z; Gardner, G; Kuffel, G; Ren, X; Zilliox, MJ; Jones, WK, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
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  • Cardiac inflammation in genetic dilated cardiomyopathy caused by MYBPC3 mutation Lynch, T. L., 4th; Ismahil, M. A.; Jegga, A. G.; Zilliox, M. J.; Troidl, C.; Prabhu, S. D.; Sadayappan, S., Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
  • Cutaneous Burn Injury Modulates Urinary Antimicrobial Peptide Responses and the Urinary Microbiome Plichta, J. K.; Holmes, C. J.; Nienhouse, V.; Puszynski, M.; Gao, X.; Dong, Q.; Lin, H.; Sinacore, J.; Zilliox, M.; Toh, E.; Nelson, D. E.; Gamelli, R. L.; Radek, K. A., Critical care medicine
  • Human CD26(high) T cells elicit tumor immunity against multiple malignancies via enhanced migration and persistence Bailey, S. R.; Nelson, M. H.; Majchrzak, K.; Bowers, J. S.; Wyatt, M. M.; Smith, A. S.; Neal, L. R.; Shirai, K.; Carpenito, C.; June, C. H.; Zilliox, M. J.; Paulos, C. M., Nature communications
  • Candidate Biomarkers for HPV-Negative Head and Neck Cancer Identified via Gene Expression Barcode Analysis Yang, S. F.; Bier-Laning, C. M.; Adams, W.; Zilliox, M. J., Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • Genomes of Gardnerella Strains Reveal an Abundance of Prophages within the Bladder Microbiome Malki, K.; Shapiro, J. W.; Price, T. K.; Hilt, E. E.; Thomas-White, K.; Sircar, T.; Rosenfeld, A. B.; Kuffel, G.; Zilliox, M. J.; Wolfe, A. J.; Putonti, C., PLoS ONE
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  • The Gene Expression Barcode 3.0: improved data processing and mining tools McCall, M. N.; Jaffee, H. A.; Zelisko, S. J.; Sinha, N.; Hooiveld, G.; Irizarry, R. A.; Zilliox, M. J., Nucleic acids research
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  • ChIP-PED enhances the analysis of ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip data Wu, G., Yustein, J.T., McCall, M.N., Zilliox, M.J., Irizarry, R.A. Zeller, K., Dang, C.V. and Ji, H., Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)
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  • The Gene Expression Barcode: leveraging public data repositories to begin cataloging the human and murine transcriptomes McCall, M. N.; Uppal, K.; Jaffee, H. A.; Zilliox, M. J.; Irizarry, R. A., Nucleic acids research
  • A gene expression bar code for microarray data Zilliox, M. J.; Irizarry, R. A., Nature methods
  • Gene expression changes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells during measles virus infection Zilliox, M. J.; Moss, W. J.; Griffin, D. E., Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI
  • Gene expression patterns in dendritic cells infected with measles virus compared with other pathogens Zilliox, M. J.; Parmigiani, G.; Griffin, D. E., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • Adjuvant danger signals increase the immune response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus Foss, D. L.; Zilliox, M. J.; Meier, W.; Zuckermann, F.; Murtaugh, M. P., Viral immunology
  • Bacterially induced activation of interleukin-18 in porcine intestinal mucosa Foss, D. L.; Zilliox, M. J.; Murtaugh, M. P., Veterinary immunology and immunopathology
  • Experimental autoimmune myocarditis in A/J mice is an interleukin-4-dependent disease with a Th2 phenotype Afanasyeva, M.; Wang, Y.; Kaya, Z.; Park, S.; Zilliox, M. J.; Schofield, B. H.; Hill, S. L.; Rose, N. R., The American journal of pathology
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  • Efficient assembly of rat hepatocyte spheroids for tissue engineering applications Wu, F.J., Friend, J.R., Hsiao, C.C., Zilliox, M.J., Ko, W.J., Cerra, F.B., and Hu, W.S., BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING