Michael Nishimura, PhD


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Co-Director, Oncology Research Institute, Program Director, Immunologic Therapeutics

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  • Cutting Edge: AhR Is a Molecular Target of Calcitriol in Human T Cells Takami, M.; Fujimaki, K.; Nishimura, M. I.; Iwashima, M., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950)
  • FAK Mediates a Compensatory Survival Signal Parallel to PI3K-AKT in PTEN-Null T-ALL Cells You, D.; Xin, J.; Volk, A.; Wei, W.; Schmidt, R.; Scurti, G.; Nand, S.; Breuer, E. K.; Kuo, P. C.; Breslin, P.; Kini, A. R.; Nishimura, M. I.; Zeleznik-Le, N. J.; Zhang, J., Cell reports
  • Mutant HSP70 reverses autoimmune depigmentation in vitiligo Mosenson, J. A.; Zloza, A.; Nieland, J. D.; Garrett-Mayer, E.; Eby, J. M.; Huelsmann, E. J.; Kumar, P.; Denman, C. J.; Lacek, A. T.; Kohlhapp, F. J.; Alamiri, A.; Hughes, T.; Bines, S. D.; Kaufman, H. L.; Overbeck, A.; Mehrotra, S.; Hernandez, C.; Nishimura, M. I.; Guevara-Patino, J. A.; Le Poole, I. C., Science translational medicine
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  • A coreceptor-independent transgenic human TCR mediates anti-tumor and anti-self immunity in mice Mehrotra, S.; Al-Khami, A. A.; Klarquist, J.; Husain, S.; Naga, O.; Eby, J. M.; Murali, A. K.; Lyons, G. E.; Li, M.; Spivey, N. D.; Norell, H.; Martins da Palma, T.; Onicescu, G.; Diaz-Montero, C. M.; Garrett-Mayer, E.; Cole, D. J.; Le Poole, I. C.; Nishimura, M. I., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950)
  • CD8 co-receptor promotes susceptibility of CD8+ T cells to transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta)-mediated suppression Zloza, A.; Jagoda, M. C.; Lyons, G. E.; Graves, M. C.; Kohlhapp, F. J.; O'Sullivan, J. A.; Lacek, A. T.; Nishimura, M. I.; Guevara-Patino, J. A., Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII
  • Kinetic phases of distribution and tumor targeting by T cell receptor engineered lymphocytes inducing robust antitumor responses Koya, R. C.; Mok, S.; Comin-Anduix, B.; Chodon, T.; Radu, C. G.; Nishimura, M. I.; Witte, O. N.; Ribas, A., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • Reduced skin homing by functional Treg in vitiligo Klarquist, J.; Denman, C. J.; Hernandez, C.; Wainwright, D. A.; Strickland, F. M.; Overbeck, A.; Mehrotra, S.; Nishimura, M. I.; Le Poole, I. C., Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research
  • Transduction of human T cells with a novel T-cell receptor confers anti-HCV reactivity Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Moxley, K. M.; Golden-Mason, L.; Hughes, M. G.; Liu, T.; Heemskerk, M. H.; Rosen, H. R.; Nishimura, M. I., PLoS Pathogens
  • Melanoma-associated antigen expression in lymphangioleiomyomatosis renders tumor cells susceptible to cytotoxic T cells. Klarquist, J.; Barfuss, A.; Kandala, S.; Reust, M. J.; Braun, R. K.; Hu, J.; Dilling, D. F.; McKee, M. D.; Boissy, R. E.; Love, R. B.; Nishimura, M. I.; Le Poole, I. C., American Journal of Pathology
  • Relationship between CD8-dependent antigen recognition T cell functional avidity, and tumor cell recognition, Moore, T. V.; Lyons, G. E.; Brasic, N.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Voelkl, S.; Mackensen, A.; Kast, W. M.; Le Poole, I. C.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII
  • T cell immunotherapy McKee, M. D.; Fichera, A.; Nishimura, M. I., Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library
  • Identification of a hepatitis C virus-reactive T cell receptor that does not require CD8 for target cell recognition Callender, G. G.; Rosen, H. R.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Lyons, G. E.; Li, M.; Moore, T.; Brasic, N.; McKee, M. D.; Nishimura, M. I., Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.)
  • Influence of human CD8 on antigen recognition by T-cell receptor-transduced cells Lyons, G. E.; Moore, T.; Brasic, N.; Li, M.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer research
  • Interferon-gamma renders tumors that express low levels of Her-2/neu sensitive to cytotoxic T cells Kaplan, B. L.; Norell, H.; Callender, G. G.; Ohlum, T.; Kiessling, R.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII
  • T-cell receptor tetramer binding or the lack there of does not necessitate antigen reactivity in T-cell receptor transduced T cells Lyons, G. E.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Man, S.; Yee, C.; Kast, W. M.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII
  • Therapeutic implications of autoimmune vitiligo T cells Oyarbide-Valencia, K.; van den Boorn, J. G.; Denman, C. J.; Li, M.; Carlson, J. M.; Hernandez, C.; Nishimura, M. I.; Das, P. K.; Luiten, R. M.; Le Poole, I. C., Autoimmunity Reviews
  • A new murine tumor model for studying HLA-A2-restricted anti-tumor immunity Kaplan, B. L.; Moore, T. V.; Schreiber, K.; Callender, G. G.; Schreiber, H.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer letters
  • Antigen recognition and T-cell biology Nishimura, M. I.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Moore, T. V.; Brasic, N.; McKee, M. D.; Clay, T. M., Cancer treatment and research
  • Recognition of host immune activation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Wu, L.; Estrada, O.; Zaborina, O.; Bains, M.; Shen, L.; Kohler, J. E.; Patel, N.; Musch, M. W.; Chang, E. B.; Fu, Y. X.; Jacobs, M. A.; Nishimura, M. I.; Hancock, R. E.; Turner, J. R.; Alverdy, J. C., Science (New York, N.Y.)
  • Regulatory balance between the immune response of tumor antigen-specific T-cell receptor gene-transduced CD8 T cells and the suppressive effects of tolerogenic dendritic cells Fujii, S.; Nishimura, M. I.; Lotze, M. T., Cancer science
  • Simultaneous generation of CD8+ and CD4+ melanoma-reactive T cells by retroviral-mediated transfer of a single T-cell receptor Roszkowski, J. J.; Lyons, G. E.; Kast, W. M.; Yee, C.; Van Besien, K.; Nishimura, M. I., Cancer research
  • T cell avidity and tumor recognition: implications and therapeutic strategies McKee, M. D.; Roszkowski, J. J.; Nishimura, M. I., JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
  • Retroviral transduction of peptide stimulated t cells can generate dual t cell receptor-expressing (bifunctional) t cells reactive with two defined antigens Langerman, A.; Callender, G. G.; Nishimura, M. I., JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
  • CD8-independent tumor cell recognition is a property of the T cell receptor and not the T cell Roszkowski, J. J.; Yu, D. C.; Rubinstein, M. P.; McKee, M. D.; Cole, D. J.; Nishimura, M. I., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950)
  • Cervical cancer vaccines: recent advances in HPV research Eiben, G. L.; da Silva, D. M.; Fausch, S. C.; Le Poole, I. C.; Nishimura, M. I.; Kast, W. M., Viral immunology
  • Cutting edge: the NK cell receptor 2B4 augments antigen-specific T cell cytotoxicity through CD48 ligation on neighboring T cells Lee, K. M.; Bhawan, S.; Majima, T.; Wei, H.; Nishimura, M. I.; Yagita, H.; Kumar, V., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950)
  • Redirecting T lymphocyte specificity using T cell receptor genes Kaplan, B. L.; Yu, D. C.; Clay, T. M.; Nishimura, M. I., International reviews of immunology
  • Increasing tumor antigen expression overcomes "ignorance" to solid tumors via crosspresentation by bone marrow-derived stromal cells Spiotto, M. T.; Yu, P.; Rowley, D. A.; Nishimura, M. I.; Meredith, S. C.; Gajewski, T. F.; Fu, Y. X.; Schreiber, H., Immunity
  • Adoptive transfer of cloned melanoma-reactive T lymphocytes for the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma Dudley, M. E.; Wunderlich, J.; Nishimura, M. I.; Yu, D.; Yang, J. C.; Topalian, S. L.; Schwartzentruber, D. J.; Hwu, P.; Marincola, F. M.; Sherry, R.; Leitman, S. F.; Rosenberg, S. A., Journal of immunotherapy (Hagerstown, Md.: 1997)