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  • Regulation of Ovarian Cancer Prognosis by Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment. Drakes, ML; Stiff, PJ, Cancers
  • Stratification of ovarian tumor pathology by expression of programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) and PD-ligand- 1 (PD-L1) in ovarian cancer. Drakes, ML; Mehrotra, S; Aldulescu, M; Potkul, RK; Liu, Y; Grisoli, A; Joyce, C; O'Brien, TE; Stack, MS; Stiff, PJ, Journal of ovarian research
  • Understanding dendritic cell immunotherapy in ovarian cancer Drakes, M. L.; Stiff, P. J., Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy
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  • Gastric LTi cells promote lymphoid follicle formation but are limited by IRAK-M and do not alter microbial growth. Shiu, J; Piazuelo, MB; Ding, H; Czinn, SJ; Drakes, ML; Banerjee, A; Basappa, N; Kobayashi, KS; Fricke, WF; Blanchard, TG, Mucosal immunology
  • Harnessing immunosurveillance: current developments and future directions in cancer immunotherapy. Drakes, ML; Stiff, PJ, ImmunoTargets and therapy
  • Dendritic cell immunotherapy in ovarian cancer Stiff, P. J.; Czerlanis, C.; Drakes, M. L., Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy
  • Inverse relationship between dendritic cell CCR9 expression and maturation state. Drakes, M. L.; Stiff, P. J.; Blanchard, T. G., Immunology
  • Regulation of murine dendritic cell immune responses by Helicobacter felis antigen Drakes, M. L.; Czinn, S. J.; Blanchard, T. G., INFECTION AND IMMUNITY
  • Colon lamina propria dendritic cells induce a proinflammatory cytokine response in lamina propria T cells in the SCID mouse model of colitis Drakes, M. L.; Blanchard, T. G.; Czinn, S. J., Journal of leukocyte biology
  • Eradication of Helicobacter pylori and resolution of gastritis in the gastric mucosa of IL-10-deficient mice Matsumoto, Y.; Blanchard, T. G.; Drakes, M. L.; Basu, M.; Redline, R. W.; Levine, A. D.; Czinn, S. J., Helicobacter
  • Bacterial probiotic modulation of dendritic cells Drakes, M.; Blanchard, T.; Czinn, S., INFECTION AND IMMUNITY
  • Helicobacter infection: pathogenesis Blanchard, T. G.; Drakes, M. L.; Czinn, S. J., CURRENT OPINION IN GASTROENTEROLOGY
  • Isolation and purification of colon lamina propria dendritic cells from mice with colitis Drakes, M. L.; Czinn, S. J.; Blanchard, T. G., Cytotechnology
  • Isolation and propagation of mouse liver-derived dendritic cells Lu, L.; Drakes, M. L.; Thomson, A. W., Methods in Molecular Medicine
  • Chemokine and chemokine receptor expression by liver-derived dendritic cells: MIP-1alpha production is induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide and interaction with allogeneic T cells Drakes, M. L.; Zahorchak, A. F.; Takayama, T.; Lu, L.; Thomson, A. W., Transplant immunology