Katherine Wasson, PhD, MPH

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Medicine, Bioethics and Health Policy
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Medical Education

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  • Navigating Clinical Ethics: Using Real Case Constellations to Guide Learners and Teachers in Medicine Wasson, K.; Kuczewski, M.; McCarthy, M. P.; Parsi, K.; Anderson, E. E.; Hutchison, P., Southern medical journal
  • Developing an Evaluation Tool for Assessing Clinical Ethics Consultation Skills in Simulation Based Education: The ACES Project Wasson, K.; Parsi, K.; McCarthy, M.; Siddall, V. J.; Kuczewski, M., HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • Integrating Social Justice for Health Professional Education: Self-reflection Advocacy, and Collaborative Learning, Hatchett, L.;Elster, N.;Wasson, K.;Anderson, L.;Parsi, K., ONLINE JOURNAL OF HEALTH ETHICS
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  • Physician know thyself: the role of reflection in bioethics and professionalism education, Wasson, K.; Bading, E.; Hardt, J.; Hatchett, L.; Kuczewski, M. G.; McCarthy, M.; Michelfelder, A.; Parsi, K., Narrative inquiry in bioethics
  • Professionalism and appropriate expression of empathy when breaking bad news Blair, A.; Wasson, K., The virtual mentor : VM
  • The duty of competence and the role of simulated ethics case consultation Wasson, K.; Kuczewski, M. G., The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
  • What Ethical Issues Really Arise in Practice at an Academic Medical Center? A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Clinical Ethics Consultations from 2008 to 2013 Wasson, K.; Anderson, E.; Hagstrom, E.; McCarthy, M.; Parsi, K.; Kuczewski, M., HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • "I will never let that be ok again": student reflections on competent spiritual care for dying patients Kuczewski, M. G.; McCarthy, M. P.; Michelfelder, A.; Anderson, E. E.; Wasson, K.; Hatchett, L., Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Commentary on "advance care planning and proxy decision making for patients with advanced Parkinson disease" Wasson, K., Southern medical journal
  • Who Are You Going to Call? Primary Care Patients' Disclosure Decisions Regarding Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Wasson, K.; Cherny, S.; Sanders, T. N.; Hogan, N. S.; Helzlsouer, K. J., Narrative inquiry in bioethics
  • A pilot study examining moral distress in nurses working in one United States burn center Leggett, J. M.; Wasson, K.; Sinacore, J. M.; Gamelli, R. L., Journal of burn care & research : official publication of the American Burn Association
  • Primary care patients' views and decisions about experience of and reactions to direct-to-consumer genetic testing: a longitudinal study, Wasson, K.; Sanders, T. N.; Hogan, N. S.; Cherny, S.; Helzlsouer, K. J., Journal of community genetics
  • Primary Care Patients’ Views Attitudes, and Decision-Making Factors Regarding Direct-to-Consumer Personal Genome Testing: Results From a Qualitative Study, Wasson, K.; Hogan, Nancy S.; Sanders, Tonya Nashay; Helzlsouer, Kathy J., AJOB Primary Research
  • Behavior equipoise: is it ready for prime time?. Wasson, K., American Journal of Bioethics
  • Medical and genetic enhancements: ethical issues that will not go away. Wasson, K., American Journal of Bioethics
  • Direct-to-consumer genomics and research ethics: should a more robust informed consent process be included?. Wasson, K., American Journal of Bioethics
  • Consumer alert: ethical issues raised by the sale of genetic tests directly to consumers Wasson, K., American Journal of Bioethics

Research Interests
Clinical ethics consultation, evaluation of ethics consultation, genetics/genomics, end-of-life issues, moral distress, moral decision making, and moral frameworks in medicine and public health.