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  • Plasma C-reactive protein levels in bipolar depression during cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor combination treatment Edberg, D.; Hoppensteadt, D.; Walborn, A.; Fareed, J.; Sinacore, J.; Halaris, A., Journal of psychiatric research
  • Cutaneous Burn Injury Modulates Urinary Antimicrobial Peptide Responses and the Urinary Microbiome Plichta, J. K.; Holmes, C. J.; Nienhouse, V.; Puszynski, M.; Gao, X.; Dong, Q.; Lin, H.; Sinacore, J.; Zilliox, M.; Toh, E.; Nelson, D. E.; Gamelli, R. L.; Radek, K. A., Critical care medicine
  • Delay in diagnosis of celiac disease in patients without gastrointestinal complaints Paez, M. A.; Gramelspacher, A. M.; Sinacore, J.; Winterfield, L.; Venu, M., The American Journal of Medicine
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  • Development of Verbal HITS for Intimate Partner Violence Screening in Family Medicine Shakil, A.; Bardwell, J.; Sherin, K.; Sinacore, J. M.; Zitter, R.; Kindratt, T. B., Family medicine
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