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James F. McDonnell, MD

James F. McDonnell, MD


Director, Adult Strabismus Service,Medical Director, Pediatric Ophthalmology,Medical Director, Specialty Services - Ophthalmology

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish
Patient Ratings
4.8 / 5 (76 Ratings)

Clinical Expertise

  • Surgery To Straighten Crossed Eyes
  • Tearing Of The Eyes
  • Thyroid Eye Disease

About Dr. McDonnell

Diet and Nutrition, Exercise, Overseas Volunteer Work, Improvisational Comedy

Medical Education

Medical School
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin - Ophthalmology
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - Pediatrics: Pediatric Ophthalmology

Board Certification

American Board of Ophthalmology


  • Protection of retinal function by sulforaphane following retinal ischemic injury Ambrecht, L. A.; Perlman, J. I.; McDonnell, J. F.; Zhai, Y.; Qiao, L.; Bu, P., Experimental eye research
  • Successful Management of Pediatric High Anisometropia Using Traditional Treatment Methods: A Case Series Banich, A.; McDonnell, J. F.; Rose, K., American Orthoptic Journal
  • Amniotic band syndrome with significant orofacial clefts and disruptions and distortions of craniofacial structures Muraskas, J. K.; McDonnell, J. F.; Chudik, R. J.; Salyer, K. E.; Glynn, L., Journal of pediatric surgery
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  • Layered Pre-Descemet Intracorneal Hemorrhage in a Patient With End-Stage Glaucoma Bouchard, C. S.; Wood, C. F.; Banich, A. M.; McDonnell, J. F., Annals of Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric Horner's syndrome due to a cervical thymic rest. McDonnell, J. F.; Ramonas, K.; Park, A. H., Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
  • Ocular complications of thermal injury: a 3-year retrospective. Bouchard, C. S.; Morno, K.; Perkins, J.; McDonnell, J. F.; Dicken, R., Journal of Trauma-Injury Infection & Critical Care