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  • Managing Written Directives: A Software Solution to Streamline Workflow Wagner, R. H.; Savir-Baruch, B.; Gabriel, M. S.; Halama, J.; Bova, D., Journal of nuclear medicine technology
  • Proof of Concept: Design and Initial Evaluation of a Device to Measure Gastrointestinal Transit Time Wagner, R. H.; Savir-Baruch, B.; Halama, J. R.; Venu, M.; Gabriel, M. S.; Bova, D., Journal of nuclear medicine technology
  • Effect of silicone gluteal implant on bone mineral density evaluation by DXA scan. Hassan, A.; Grady, E.; Ringelstein, J.; Halama, J. R.; Mazhari, A.; Friedman, N. C., Journal of Clinical Densitometry
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  • Correlation of PET standard uptake value and CT window-level thresholds for target delineation in CT-based radiation treatment planning. Hong, R.; Halama, J.; Bova, D.; Sethi, A.; Emami, B., International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics
  • AAPM Task Group 108: PET and PET/CT shielding requirements Madsen, M. T.; Anderson, J. A.; Halama, J. R.; Kleck, J.; Simpkin, D. J.; Votaw, J. R.; Wendt, R. E., 3rd; Williams, L. E.; Yester, M. V., Medical physics
  • Evaluation of computer-aided instruction in the medical gross anatomy curriculum. McNulty, J. A.; Halama, J.; Espiritu, B., Clinical Anatomy
  • Distribution of medical school course materials through the web: addressing the issue of printing through an analysis of the costs and utilization. McNulty, J. A.; Halama, J.; Espiritu, B., Journal of the Medical Library Association
  • Evaluation of Web-based computer-aided instruction in a basic science course. McNulty, J. A.; Halama, J.; Dauzvardis, M. F.; Espiritu, B., Academic Medicine