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James Cook, MD


Infectious Disease
Clinical Professor
Co-Director, Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute,Division Director, Infectious Disease

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Clinical Expertise

  • TB Infection

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Medical Education

Medical School
Baylor College of Medicine
University of Utah Hospital and Clinics - Internal Medicine: General
  • University of Utah Hospital and Clinics - Internal Medicine: Infectious Disease

Board Certification

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty Infectious Disease


  • Human adenovirus infections: update and consideration of mechanisms of viral persistence Radke, J. R.; Cook, J. L., Current opinion in infectious diseases
  • PIDD-dependent activation of caspase-2-mediated mitochondrial injury in E1A-induced cellular sensitivity to macrophage nitric oxide-induced apoptosis. Radke, JR; Figueroa, I; Routes, JM; Cook, JL, Cell death discovery
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  • Expression of adenoviral E1A throws the PIDD switch Radke, J. R.; Cook, J. L., Cell death & disease
  • Mechanisms of pathogenesis of emerging adenoviruses Cook, J.; Radke, J., F1000Research
  • E1A enhances cellular sensitivity to DNA-damage-induced apoptosis through PIDD-dependent caspase-2 activation Radke, J. R.; Siddiqui, Z. K.; Figueroa, I.; Cook, J. L., Cell death discovery
  • Outcomes of MYC-associated lymphomas after R-CHOP with and without consolidative autologous stem cell transplant: subset analysis of randomized trial intergroup SWOG S9704 Puvvada, S. D.; Stiff, P. J.; Leblanc, M.; Cook, J. R.; Couban, S.; Leonard, J. P.; Kahl, B.; Marcellus, D.; Shea, T. C.; Winter, J. N.; Li, H.; Rimsza, L. M.; Friedberg, J. W.; Smith, S. M., British journal of haematology
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