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Now Open: Loyola Medicine Immediate Care in Oakbrook Terrace

August 2, 2019

In the course of our everyday lives, we sometimes encounter an illness or injury that requires immediate attention, such as a prolonged infection or illness, a sprain or broken bone.

What do we do in these situations? It would take too much time to call your primary care doctor and make an appointment in their office, and the condition may not be serious enough for the emergency room.

This is where immediate care services can provide a huge benefit to the community. When minor illnesses and injuries occur, patients need a place that will provide them with the care they need without having to wait for an appointment or take up a spot in the emergency room.

Loyola Medicine recently opened an immediate care location in Oakbrook Terrace. Adults and children can receive treatment for minor illnesses and injuries without having to make an appointment in advance.

This location offers treatment and tests for injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening. Conditions such as ear and sinus infections, cold and flu symptoms, sprains and broken bones can be treated at a Loyola immediate care location, as well as point-of-care tests and on-site X-rays.

With board-certified physicians providing care every day of the year, patients can count on high-quality, compassionate care backed by the expertise of a leading academic medical center.

Immediate care at Oakbrook Terrace will be open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and weekends and holidays (except for Christmas Day) from 8 am to 3 pm.

Located at the Loyola Center for Health at Oakbrook Terrace, you can rest easy that there is a top-of-the-line Loyola facility close by whenever you need it. Patients can also find Loyola Medicine immediate care services at three other convient locations:

Not every minor illness or injury requires a visit to the emergency room, watch below to see when a trip to the emergency room is needed and when a visit to immediate care is more appropriate.