Liver Transplant

You have an entire team on your side

We take on the most challenging cases. Even if you’ve been turned down by another transplant center, consider getting a second opinion at Loyola. Our Transplant Center has the human and technological resources to care for the most difficult cases, whether you need a liver or a multi-organ transplant. While you wait for a liver, you may face other health challenges from liver disease, such as gallstones or hepatic encephalopathy. But you are in the right place; Loyola has hundreds of specialists who have vast experience in a multitude of conditions from hepatitis C to kidney problems to abdominal fluid buildup.

As a world-class academic medical center, our doctors teach other doctors about the latest in medicine. And our nurse coordinators have a regional reputation for building close working relationships with our patients. They will answer all your questions, not only before surgery, but afterward as well.

Access to Records

You can also access your medical records online through MyLoyola Select. Our doctors pride themselves on ensuring seamless communication between patients and their medical teams. Your referring physician also will be routinely updated on your treatment through our secure health information portal, LoyolaConnect.

In addition, our internationally recognized experts are involved in a wide range of clinical research trials, so they can bring the latest advances to the bedside and increase your odds of leading a more productive life. You can rest assured that whatever the complication, our multidisciplinary team has a treatment plan just for you.


For medical consults or to refer a patient, call 85-LiverDoc (855-483-7362) to speak with a representative.

Ready to Get Started?

For medical consults or to refer a patient, call 85-LiverDoc (855-483-7362) to speak with a representative.

Common Questions

How long should I expect to wait for my transplant?

This will depend on the severity your condition. Patients with the most acute cases are placed at the top of the list. We will continue to manage your condition while you wait for your transplant. Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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