Thomas Layden
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Understanding triphasic HCV decline during treatment in the era of IL28B polymorphisms and direct acting antiviral agents via mathematical modelingDahari,H.; Cotler,S. J.; Layden,T. J.; Perelson,A. S.Journal of Hepatology 2013 ;58(4):840-842

Modeling shows that the NS5A inhibitor daclatasvir has two modes of action and yields a shorter estimate of the hepatitis C virus half-lifeGuedj,J.; Dahari,H.; Rong,L.; Sansone,N. D.; Nettles,R. E.; Cotler,S. J.; Layden,T. J.; Uprichard,S. L.; Perelson,A. S.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2013 ;110(10):3991-3996

Racial differences in fibrosis progression after HCV-related liver transplantationLayden,J. E.; Cotler,S.; Brown,K. A.; Lucey,M. R.; Te,H. S.; Eswaran,S.; Fimmel,C.; Layden,T. J.; Clark,N. M.Transplantation 2012 ;94(2):178-184

Characterizing hepatitis B stigma in Chinese immigrantsCotler,S. J.; Cotler,S.; Xie,H.; Luc,B. J.; Layden,T. J.; Wong,S. S.Journal of viral hepatitis 2012 ;19(2):147-152

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Liver transplantation for propylthiouracil-induced acute hepatic failure.Testa,G.; Trevino,J.; Bogetti,D.; Layden,T.; Wiley,T.; Sankary,H.; Benedetti,E.Digestive Diseases & Sciences 2003 ;48(1):190-191

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