Stephen Kahn
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Clinical Laboratory Testing, Toxicology

Effectiveness of barcoding for reducing patient specimen and laboratory testing identification errors: a Laboratory Medicine Best Practices systematic review and meta-analysisSnyder,S. R.; Favoretto,A. M.; Derzon,J. H.; Christenson,R. H.; Kahn,S. E.; Shaw,C. S.; Baetz,R. A.; Mass,D.; Fantz,C. R.; Raab,S. S.; Tanasijevic,M. J.; Liebow,E. B.Clinical biochemistry 2012 ;45(13-14):988-998

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Biomarker profiling of plasma from acute coronary syndrome patients. Application of ProteinChip Array analysis.Florian-Kujawski,M.; Hussain,W.; Chyna,B.; Kahn,S.; Hoppensteadt,D.; Leya,F.; Fareed,J.International Angiology 2004 ;23(3):246-254

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