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Mutant HSP70 reverses autoimmune depigmentation in vitiligoMosenson,J. A.; Zloza,A.; Nieland,J. D.; Garrett-Mayer,E.; Eby,J. M.; Huelsmann,E. J.; Kumar,P.; Denman,C. J.; Lacek,A. T.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; Alamiri,A.; Hughes,T.; Bines,S. D.; Kaufman,H. L.; Overbeck,A.; Mehrotra,S.; Hernandez,C.; Nishimura,M. I.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Le Poole,I. C.Science translational medicine 2013 ;5(174):174ra28

HSP70i is a critical component of the immune response leading to vitiligo.Mosenson,J. A.; Zloza,A.; Klarquist,J.; Barfuss,A. J.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Poole,I. C.Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research 2012 ;25(1):88-98

NKG2D signaling on CD8(+) T cells represses T-bet and rescues CD4-unhelped CD8(+) T cell memory recall but not effector responsesZloza,A.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; Lyons,G. E.; Schenkel,J. M.; Moore,T. V.; Lacek,A. T.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; Varanasi,V.; Williams,J. W.; Jagoda,M. C.; Bellavance,E. C.; Marzo,A. L.; Thomas,P. G.; Zafirova,B.; Polic,B.; Al-Harthi,L.; Sperling,A. I.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Nature medicine 2012 ;18(3):422-428

CD8(+) T cells sabotage their own memory potential through IFN-gamma-dependent modification of the IL-12/IL-15 receptor alpha axis on dendritic cellsKohlhapp,F. J.; Zloza,A.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; Moore,T. V.; Lacek,A. T.; Jagoda,M. C.; McCracken,J.; Cole,D. J.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2012 ;188(8):3639-3647

Priming with very low-affinity peptide ligands gives rise to CD8(+) T-cell effectors with enhanced function but with greater susceptibility to transforming growth factor (TGF)beta-mediated suppressionO'Sullivan,J. A.; Zloza,A.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; Moore,T. V.; Lacek,A. T.; Dulin,N. O.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII 2011 ;60(11):1543-1551

Development of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cell memory precursor effector cells and antimelanoma memory responses are the result of vaccination and TGF-beta blockade during the perioperative period of tumor resectionBellavance,E. C.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; Zloza,A.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; McCracken,J.; Jagoda,M. C.; Lacek,A. T.; Posner,M. C.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2011 ;186(6):3309-3316

CD8 co-receptor promotes susceptibility of CD8+ T cells to transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta)-mediated suppressionZloza,A.; Jagoda,M. C.; Lyons,G. E.; Graves,M. C.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; Lacek,A. T.; Nishimura,M. I.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII 2011 ;60(2):291-297

Engagement of NK receptor NKG2D, but not 2B4, results in self-reactive CD8+ T cells and autoimmune vitiligoZloza,A.; Lyons,G. E.; Chlewicki,L. K.; Kohlhapp,F. J.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; Lacek,A. T.; Moore,T. V.; Jagoda,M. C.; Kumar,V.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Autoimmunity 2011 ;44(8):599-606

Combination of epitope-optimized DNA vaccination and passive infusion of monoclonal antibody against HER2/neu leads to breast tumor regression in miceOrlandi,F.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Merghoub,T.; Wolchok,J. D.; Houghton,A. N.; Gregor,P. D.Vaccine 2011 ;29(20):3646-3654

Stimulation of the glucocorticoid-induced TNF receptor family-related receptor on CD8 T cells induces protective and high-avidity T cell responses to tumor-specific antigensCote,A. L.; Zhang,P.; O'Sullivan,J. A.; Jacobs,V. L.; Clemis,C. R.; Sakaguchi,S.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Turk,M. J.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2011 ;186(1):275-283

Inhibition of erythrocyte invasion and Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1 processing by human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) and IgG3 antibodiesLazarou,M.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Jennings,R. M.; McIntosh,R. S.; Shi,J.; Howell,S.; Cullen,E.; Jones,T.; Adame-Gallegos,J. R.; Chappel,J. A.; McBride,J. S.; Blackman,M. J.; Holder,A. A.; Pleass,R. J.INFECTION AND IMMUNITY 2009 ;77(12):5659-5667

HSP70i accelerates depigmentation in a mouse model of autoimmune vitiligo.Denman,C. J.; McCracken,J.; Hariharan,V.; Klarquist,J.; Oyarbide-Valencia,K.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Le Poole,I. C.Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2008 ;128(8):2041-2048

Mechanisms of immunization against cancer using chimeric antigensEngelhorn,M. E.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Merghoub,T.; Liu,C.; Ferrone,C. R.; Rizzuto,G. A.; Cymerman,D. H.; Posnett,D. N.; Houghton,A. N.; Wolchok,J. D.Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy 2008 ;16(4):773-781

Immunological validation of the EpitOptimizer program for streamlined design of heteroclitic epitopesHoughton,C. S.; Engelhorn,M. E.; Liu,C.; Song,D.; Gregor,P.; Livingston,P. O.; Orlandi,F.; Wolchok,J. D.; McCracken,J.; Houghton,A. N.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.Vaccine 2007 ;25(29):5330-5342

DNA immunization against tissue-restricted antigens enhances tumor immunity after allogeneic hemopoietic stem cell transplantationPerales,M. A.; Diab,A.; Cohen,A. D.; Huggins,D. W.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Hubbard,V. M.; Engelhorn,M. E.; Kochman,A. A.; Eng,J. M.; Mortazavi,F.; Alpdogan,O.; Terwey,T. H.; Heller,G.; Wolchok,J. D.; Houghton,A. N.; van den Brink,M. R.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2006 ;177(6):4159-4167

Autoimmunity and tumor immunity induced by immune responses to mutations in selfEngelhorn,M. E.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Noffz,G.; Hooper,A. T.; Lou,O.; Gold,J. S.; Kappel,B. J.; Houghton,A. N.Nature medicine 2006 ;12(2):198-206

Optimization of a self antigen for presentation of multiple epitopes in cancer immunityGuevara-Patino,J. A.; Engelhorn,M. E.; Turk,M. J.; Liu,C.; Duan,F.; Rizzuto,G.; Cohen,A. D.; Merghoub,T.; Wolchok,J. D.; Houghton,A. N.The Journal of clinical investigation 2006 ;116(5):1382-1390

Identification of cancer-testis genes expressed by melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma using bioinformaticsSegal,N. H.; Blachere,N. E.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Gallardo,H. F.; Shiu,H. Y.; Viale,A.; Antonescu,C. R.; Wolchok,J. D.; Houghton,A. N.Cancer Immunity 2005 ;5( ):2

CD8+ T-cell-dependent immunity following xenogeneic DNA immunization against CD20 in a tumor challenge model of B-cell lymphomaPalomba,M. L.; Roberts,W. K.; Dao,T.; Manukian,G.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Wolchok,J. D.; Scheinberg,D. A.; Houghton,A. N.Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research 2005 ;11(1):370-379

Comparison of two cancer vaccines targeting tyrosinase: plasmid DNA and recombinant alphavirus replicon particlesGoldberg,S. M.; Bartido,S. M.; Gardner,J. P.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Montgomery,S. C.; Perales,M. A.; Maughan,M. F.; Dempsey,J.; Donovan,G. P.; Olson,W. C.; Houghton,A. N.; Wolchok,J. D.Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research 2005 ;11(22):8114-8121

Immune recognition of self in immunity against cancerHoughton,A. N.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.The Journal of clinical investigation 2004 ;114(4):468-471

Concomitant tumor immunity to a poorly immunogenic melanoma is prevented by regulatory T cellsTurk,M. J.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Rizzuto,G. A.; Engelhorn,M. E.; Sakaguchi,S.; Houghton,A. N.The Journal of experimental medicine 2004 ;200(6):771-782

CTLA-4 blockade in combination with xenogeneic DNA vaccines enhances T-cell responses, tumor immunity and autoimmunity to self antigens in animal and cellular model systemsGregor,P. D.; Wolchok,J. D.; Ferrone,C. R.; Buchinshky,H.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Perales,M. A.; Mortazavi,F.; Bacich,D.; Heston,W.; Latouche,J. B.; Sadelain,M.; Allison,J. P.; Scher,H. I.; Houghton,A. N.Vaccine 2004 ;22(13-14):1700-1708

Age-related CD8 T cell clonal expansions constrict CD8 T cell repertoire and have the potential to impair immune defenseMessaoudi,I.; Lemaoult,J.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Metzner,B. M.; Nikolich-Zugich,J.The Journal of experimental medicine 2004 ;200(10):1347-1358

A single heteroclitic epitope determines cancer immunity after xenogeneic DNA immunization against a tumor differentiation antigenGold,J. S.; Ferrone,C. R.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Hawkins,W. G.; Dyall,R.; Engelhorn,M. E.; Wolchok,J. D.; Lewis,J. J.; Houghton,A. N.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2003 ;170(10):5188-5194

Immunity to cancer through immune recognition of altered self: studies with melanomaGuevara-Patino,J. A.; Turk,M. J.; Wolchok,J. D.; Houghton,A. N.Advances in Cancer Research 2003 ;90( ):157-177

Immunity to melanoma: unraveling the relation of tumor immunity and autoimmunityRamirez-Montagut,T.; Turk,M. J.; Wolchok,J. D.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Houghton,A. N.Oncogene 2003 ;22(20):3180-3187

Direct link between mhc polymorphism, T cell avidity, and diversity in immune defenseMessaoudi,I.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Dyall,R.; LeMaoult,J.; Nikolich-Zugich,J.Science (New York, N.Y.) 2002 ;298(5599):1797-1800

Multiple pathways to tumor immunity and concomitant autoimmunityTurk,M. J.; Wolchok,J. D.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Goldberg,S. M.; Houghton,A. N.Immunological reviews 2002 ;188( ):122-135

Inhibitory and blocking monoclonal antibody epitopes on merozoite surface protein 1 of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparumUthaipibull,C.; Aufiero,B.; Syed,S. E.; Hansen,B.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Angov,E.; Ling,I. T.; Fegeding,K.; Morgan,W. D.; Ockenhouse,C.; Birdsall,B.; Feeney,J.; Lyon,J. A.; Holder,A. A.Journal of Molecular Biology 2001 ;307(5):1381-1394

Immunogenicity and efficacy in aotus monkeys of four recombinant Plasmodium falciparum vaccines in multiple adjuvant formulations based on the 19-kilodalton C terminus of merozoite surface protein 1Kumar,S.; Collins,W.; Egan,A.; Yadava,A.; Garraud,O.; Blackman,M. J.; Guevara-Patino,J. A.; Diggs,C.; Kaslow,D. C.INFECTION AND IMMUNITY 2000 ;68(4):2215-2223

TNF-alpha is the critical mediator of the cyclic AMP-induced apoptosis of CD8+4+ double-positive thymocytesGuevara-Patino,J. A.; Ivanov,V. N.; Lacy,E.; Elkon,K. B.; Marino,M. W.; Nikolic-Zugic,J.Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md.: 1950) 2000 ;164(4):1689-1694

Sex steroids induce apoptosis of CD8+CD4+ double-positive thymocytes via TNF-alphaGuevara-Patino,J. A.; Marino,M. W.; Ivanov,V. N.; Nikolich-Zugich,J.European journal of immunology 2000 ;30(9):2586-2592

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