John Clancy, Jr.
  • Professor
  • Microbiology and Immunology

IL-4 induces differentiation and expansion of Th2 cytokine-producing eosinophils.Chen,L.; Grabowski,K. A.; Xin,J. P.; Coleman,J.; Huang,Z.; Espiritu,B.; Alkan,S.; Xie,H. B.; Zhu,Y.; White,F. A.; Clancy,J.,Jr; Huang,H.Journal of Immunology 2004 ;172(4):2059-2066

Antibodies to 70 kD and 90 kD heat shock proteins are associated with graft-versus-host disease in peripheral blood stem cell transplant recipientsGoral,J.; Shenoy,S.; Mohanakumar,T.; Clancy,J.,JrClinical and experimental immunology 2002 ;127(3):553-559

Reduced levels of Hsp70 result in a therapeutic effect of 15-deoxyspergualin on acute graft-versus-host disease in (DA x LEW)F1 ratsGoral,J.; Mathews,H. L.; Nadler,S. G.; Clancy,J.Immunobiology 2000 ;202(3):254-266

hsp70, hsp32, and grp78 are increased in thermally injured skin with and without antithrombin(human) concentrate infusion.Kowal-Vern,A.; Goral,J.; Gamelli,R. L.; McGill,V.; Clancy,J.Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation 2000 ;21(3):213-219