Davide Bova
  • Professor
  • Medical Director, Diagnostic Radiology
  • Quality Medical Director, Radiology
  • Radiology
Noninvasive Angiography, Cancer, Imaging of Cardiac Diseases, Mammography, PET and F-18 Imaging
Board Certifications
  • Diagnostic Radiology - General Cert: AM Board of Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine - General Cert: AM Board of Nuclear Medicine

Positron Emission Tomography-avid Adrenal Mass and Incidental Renal Mass in a 70-Year-Old Woman With Newly Diagnosed Breast CancerHannick,J. H.; Wang,L.; Barkan,G. A.; Perez,C.; Bova,D.; Albain,K. S.; Quek,M. L.Urology 2013 ; ( ):

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Medical School
  • University of Florence Medical School
  • University of Modena Medical School, Radiology: Diagnostic Radiology
  • Loyola University Medical Center, Radiology: Nuclear Medicine
  • Loyola University Medical Center, Radiology: Diagnostic Radiology
  • Michigan State University, Radiology: Imaging (CT/US/MRI)
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