Atif Bashir
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Left atrial volume assessment in atrial fibrillation using multimodality imaging: a comparison of echocardiography, invasive three-dimensional CARTO and cardiac magnetic resonance imagingRabbat,M. G.; Wilber,D.; Thomas,K.; Malick,O.; Bashir,A.; Agrawal,A.; Biswas,S.; Sanagala,T.; Syed,M. A.The international journal of cardiovascular imaging 2015 ; ( ):

Left atrial volume assessment by area-length method compared to multislice volumetric method using cardiovascular magnetic resonance imagingBashir,A.; Rabbat,M.; Biswas,S.; Wilber,D.; Sanagala,T.; Syed,M. A.Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (BioMed Central) 2013 ;15( ):1-2

Cross-talk between notch and the estrogen receptor in breast cancer suggests novel therapeutic approachesRizzo,P.; Miao,H.; D'Souza,G.; Osipo,C.; Song,L. L.; Yun,J.; Zhao,H.; Mascarenhas,J.; Wyatt,D.; Antico,G.; Hao,L.; Yao,K.; Rajan,P.; Hicks,C.; Siziopikou,K.; Selvaggi,S.; Bashir,A.; Bhandari,D.; Marchese,A.; Lendahl,U.; Qin,J. Z.; Tonetti,D. A.; Albain,K.; Nickoloff,B. J.; Miele,L.Cancer research 2008 ;68(13):5226-5235

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