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Tired of your ear gauges? Loyola has the answer

Ear gauges have been around for a long time, but more recently we have seen them with the piercing trend. Cody Selga was a freshman in college and he thought that ear gauges looked really sharp. He swapped out gauges moving up until he was at 1.5 inches in size. He slowly grew out of them. They were a pain to take out at night.

He got an interesting job and started feeling like people were paying more attention to his ears than to what he was saying. So he made an appointment with Dr. Rebecca Tung at Loyola's Dermatology Division. Cody explains that it was an outpatient procedure that was a little painful in the beginning, but that soon went away. Dr. Tung says it is easier to repair lobes from smaller ear gauges. Also anyone interested in going ahead with this procedure needs to be free of any alcohol or substance abuse habits because these substances will interfere with the healing process. For more information or to make an appointment, please call (708) 897-5608.

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