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Student's surgery inspires successful campaign to help other young hearing-impaired athletes

Eliza Peters, a sixth-grader at Geneva Middle School North, is a basketball player, dancer and golfer who had a hearing impairment. She underwent a hearing operation and was so happy with its success that she is now raising funds for other young athletes.

Her otolaryngology surgeon was Dr. John Leonetti, director of the Center for Cranial Base Tumors. Dr. Leonetti is quite pleased with how well his young patient is doing.

With her own hearing restored, Eliza wanted to help other young hearing-impaired athletes and launched the campaign Hear the Cheers! to raise funds for the cost of hearing aid surgeries. She used social media to spread the word and at the time of this report had raised $18,000. Her story was featured on ESPN and the Chicago Hearing Society's website.

The operation has opened doors for Eliza, who dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster. And with her drive, her Loyola doctors think she has a really good shot.

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