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Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Proctor talks about aging eyes with WJOL radio

Dr. Brian Proctor, an ophthalmologist, recommends that everyone get an eye checkup every five years until the age of 60. At that age, more serious ailments start to occur so the patient should see the doctor more frequently.

Some days Dr. Proctor will do 10 cataract surgeries in the morning and then teach residents in the afternoon; other days he is seeing patients all day and doesn't perform any surgery.

He recommends that people take the time to see an ophthalmologist rather than undergoing a quick exam at retail health-care businesses because the ophthalmologist will take the time to dilate the eyes. Dilating the eyes allows the doctor to see disease in the early stages.

Great strides have been made in removing cataracts and replacing them with vision-correcting lenses, even for people with stigmatisms. There are also lens implants that act as bifocal or trifocal glasses.

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