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Loyola's Emily Tuerk talks with WJOL about promoting heart health

Emily Tuerk, MD, a Loyola adult internist and pediatrician, talks about heart health for the whole family and how she touches upon that subject in nearly every patient visit she has.

She says that there's room for optimism; some studies show that the trend toward obesity in American children is starting to stabilize. She says people often don't think about what's really important with their diet. Is there too much sodium? Is there enough fiber? Am I eating enough fruit and vegetables?

She said the symptoms of a heart attack aren't just chest pain, but also include fatigue, nausea and arm, shoulder or jaw pain. And it could be pain in either arm. She said for good family heart health that parents have to set an example and provide a well-balanced diet, emphasize the importance of activity and limit screen time. She talks about how women are more likely to die of heart disease because it is underdiagnosed. Dr. Tuerk said managing stress is another important part of good heart health.

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