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Loyola treats human spirit with Step-up amputee support group

Loyola's Step-up amputee support group offers group therapy and peer support for patients who have had an amputation. Members have regular meetings and group outings.

Orthopaedic surgeon Michael Pinzur, MD, explains how the program began.

After an amputation, patients frequently are scared and don't know what to expect. A peer visitor – a volunteer who also has had an amputation – will meet and talk with the patient right after surgery, offering encouragement.

Peer counselor Dennis Sitar says that one of the most difficult periods for a patient is when they transition into a rehabilitation program, when it's common to encounter anger, depression and fear. Patients say it's helpful to talk with another patient who has had the same experience.

For more information on the program, call (708) 216-3826.

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