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Emily's story: Fighting acute leukemia

Emily, a Loyola patient, felt that she was always fighting off the flu. She was very tired and started to sleep more and more. Her physician, Dr. Tulio Rodriguez, talks about how Emily came in with respiratory symptoms and signs of infection.

When her blood tests came back, it showed she had leukemia. Emily's parents say they decided to put on a brave face and get going with treatment. Emily did well with treatment but then relapsed. Bone marrow transplant would be the best treatment option going forward. Her brother and sister tried to see if they could be her match, but they weren't a close enough match.

During and after the transplant, Emily will be in Loyola's new BMT unit, which was designed to be a sterile environment because BMT patients are highly susceptible to infection. Her mom talks about how upbeat and positive Emily is.

Emily has plans. She's not giving up.

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