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5 recipients of lung transplants tell their stories

The five lung transplant recipients, pictured a week after their surgeries with their medical teams, are all recovering well.

Loyola University Medical Center performed five successful lung transplant surgeries in just over 24 hours, and the recipients are sharing their stories. 

Loyola is the first medical center in Illinois to have five lung transplant surgeries in a single day. The five patients who received lungs are Julie D'Agostino, 21, of Elmhurst, Ill.; Robert Senander, 68, of Winfield, Ill.; Karen Emerich, 56, New Carlisle, Ind.; Linda Kern, 65, of Princeton, Ill.; Roderick Beck, 67, of Springfield, Ill. All the patients are doing well.

The Chicago Tribune interviwed D'Agostino, the youngest patient, while she was in recovery. The interview can be seen on the Tribune's video.

NBC Chicago carried the story, noting that on an average day, five lung transplant surgeries are performed at all hospitals across the country.

CBS Chicago aired a story about our press conference on the LUMC campus. Two patients found they had a new connection because they were sharing a lung from the same donor.

ABC7 Chicago spoke with the patients, one of whom said how blessed he felt, and another celebrated her "new normal."

The Daily Herald focused on the two DuPage County residents, D'Agostino and Senander,  who received lung transplants.

The science news website ScienceDaily carried the story.

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