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Risk Assessment for Breast Cancer

Loyola Breast Care highly recommends cancer risk assessment when your personal or family history matches specific criteria. By knowing your risks, you may be able to take steps to reduce them.

You may be at risk for breast cancer if you have a family history of breast cancer or have had abnormal biopsies.

The Cancer Risk Assessment & Prevention Program provides comprehensive risk assessment, preventive treatment and access to clinical trials through a multidisciplinary approach, including access to specialists within Loyola's highly regarded academic medical center.

The Cancer Genetics Evaluation Program was developed to help individuals and families with an increased risk of developing cancer based on a hereditary susceptibility. The program offers consultation if you already have had cancer and are concerned about your risk for subsequent cancers, or if you have not had cancer but are considered high-risk. Genetic counselors, along with a team of oncology specialists, provide individualized family history analysis, risk evaluation and, when possible, offer strategies for risk reduction.