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Prenatal Care

It's an exciting time: you are going to have a baby. There is a lot to plan and do. But first and foremost, be sure to focus on your care.

First steps

Start by scheduling an obstetrical appointment at one of our locations by calling (888) LUHS-888/(888) 584-7888. You will meet with a doctor or nurse practitioner who will ask you about the history of your pregnancy, as well as your health. A number of laboratory tests will also be conducted.

Getting this prenatal care is very important. It will help you to avoid discomfort and complications. That is why we urge you to learn as much as you can and ask questions. It's also why we will give you Journey of Birth, Journal of Love, a comprehensive book written by Loyola nurses.

Next: 13 visits

During your pregnancy, you will have 13 routine visits to your obstetrical office:

  • Monthly visits in the first 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weekly visits thereafter
  • Possible follow-up appointments to assess and monitor any complications that could arise in your pregnancy

During this time, you will have ongoing tests and screening to be sure you and your baby are doing well. These may include ultrasounds, nonstress testing and repeat laboratory tests at intervals to watch the progress of your baby. Throughout you will be getting advice on nutrition, exercise and rest and the opportunity to ask whatever questions you have.

Other steps to take during this time:

  • Take a tour. Free tours of our labor and delivery rooms and nursery are offered every month and are included in the childbirth preparation and sibling classes. 
  • Take a prenatal class. Breast-feeding, cesarean birth, sibling rivalry. We have classes for both inexperienced and experienced moms.