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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Services

Loyola’s highly trained and compassionate specialists provide care of obstetrical patients with medical or surgical complications during pregnancy. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, sonographers, genetic counselors, pediatric subspecialists, neonatologists and nurses will help you during this very special time.

Specialty Services

Perinatal Center

Loyola University Health System is a state-designated perinatal center, providing coordinated high-risk obstetrical and neonatal services for some of the most difficult cases in Illinois. The center serves eight regional hospitals, with a combined delivery base of 9,500 each year. Our team has a proven track record for improving survival rates and reducing mortality of high-risk babies born to mothers who may have medical or surgical complications. We provide individualized consultations in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Also our perinatologists and neonatologists are available to arrange transportation on a 24/7 basis. A high-risk Obstetrics clinic is available for those patients for whom prenatal care supervised by a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist is recommended, with delivery at our center by one of eight board-certified physicians who are on in-house call 24/7.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

You should know that Loyola has one of the state’s highest survival rates for low-birth-weight infants. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit cares for more than 400 critically ill newborns each year. In fact, physicians at Loyola successfully delivered both the world’s smallest and the world’s second-smallest surviving babies. You and your obstetrician can have complete confidence in the services you would receive here, not because we say so, but because we have a proven track record of the highest quality care. Loyola also offers the Neonatal Integrated Home Care Program, which trains and supports families. This allows infants to be discharged and united with their families sooner. Our patients also benefit from our Neonatal Follow-up Program, which evaluates and follows infants at risk for developmental delays.

Fetal Assessment Center

The Fetal Assessment Center provides expert obstetrical ultrasound services, perinatal consultative services, genetic counseling, diagnostic testing (including chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, umbilical blood sampling/transfusion) and fetal heart rate testing. All our assessment services are conveniently provided at the Loyola Outpatient Center. These diagnostic tests are performed and interpreted by health-care providers with specialized training in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. We will provide prompt and accurate service and talk with you about the results, often in the same day.

Genetic Counseling

Complete pre- and post-conception genetic testing and counseling services are available with our certified genetic counselors, Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists and geneticists. Many parents-to-be are not aware of the latest genetic screening options that are now available, or need some support as they wade through numerous testing options and results. Loyola’s genetic counselors and physicians are skilled at explaining complex science in easy-to-understand language. Common reasons for women to be referred for prenatal genetic counseling include:

  • Advanced maternal age (35 or older at due date)
  • Abnormal blood and/or ultrasound genetic screening test
  • Abnormal genetic diagnostic test
  • Family history of (or previous child with) a mental retardation, birth defect or genetic disorder
  • Teratogen exposure
  • History of three or more miscarriages, one stillbirth or neonatal death
  • Consanguity

We offer the full spectrum of antenatal tests, including CVS, amniocentesis and next-generation sequencing.


Since Loyola is an academic medical institution, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists teach other doctors the latest techniques. They are at the leading edge of new technologies and conduct research to establish new and better ways of providing optimal care. Current research interests include tocolytic therapies, multifetal pregnancies and autoimmune disorders, pre-eclampsia, preterm labor, growth restriction, breast-feeding and cerebral palsy. 

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Services Specialists