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Low Vision/Vision Rehabilitation

According to a recent publication from Prevent Blindness America, more than 152,000 people in Illinois have vision impairments as a result of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or other conditions.

What if my vision cannot be corrected?
When your vision cannot be corrected or improved medically, surgically or with conventional glasses, you are said to have "low vision." Hope of improved vision and independent living is available through the use of prescription optical, non-optical and electronic devices to maximize residual vision. The ultimate goal of low vision specialists is to provide individuals of all ages, who have visual impairments, with the tools and training necessary to function independently at home, at school, in the workplace and within the community.

Low vision prescriptive glasses, devices and technology can improve visual abilities for your activities of daily living. The knowledge and hope gained by the low vision rehabilitation experience often lifts your human spirit and opens up opportunities that may have seemed lost.

It is important to point out that the low vision rehabilitation service is a specialty service that does not replace current eye care from your retinal specialist and/or other eye doctors providing medical intervention. If you have vision loss, your care will be co-managed by doctors to address medical and rehabilitation issues related to your respective eye condition.

What is low vision rehabilitation?
Low vision rehabilitation is the process of treating and educating those of you who may be visually disabled. Vision is maximized by evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

The rehabilitation process includes the development of an individual rehabilitation plan specifying clinical therapy and/or instruction in compensatory approaches.

Rehabilitation may be necessary when any condition, disease or injury that causes a visual impairment results in functional limitation or disability.

Rehabilitation also may include the following services:

  • Medical
  • Optometric
  • Allied health
  • Social
  • Educational
  • Psychological