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High-Risk Pregnancy

When you have – or fear that you might have – a high-risk pregnancy, you want the finest care possible for you and your baby. At Loyola, we are proud of our extraordinary care in providing comprehensive care for pregnant women with medical or surgical complications. This care is offered by maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and is a multidisciplinary effort involving obstetricians, neonatologists, geneticists and obstetrical anesthesiologists. This specialty offers:
* The only obstetrical intensive care unit in Illinois
*Targeted perinatal sonography
*Antepartum testing and techniques designed to manage complications of pregnancy
You should know that Loyola has one of the state’s highest survival rates for low-birth-weight infants. In fact, physicians at Loyola successfully delivered both the world’s smallest and the world’s second-smallest surviving babies. You and your obstetrician can have complete confidence in the services you would receive here, not because we say so, but because we have a proven track record of the highest quality care.