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Genetic Counseling

At Loyola, expert counselors can help you understand the various risks that may be present for your baby. Specifically trained in genetics, our counselors offer statistical and general information regarding a couple's risk of genetic birth defects.

Genetic counseling is recommended for anyone with a family history of birth defects, women over 35 years of age who are planning on having children, anyone anticipating the need of an amniocentesis or anyone having an abnormal result from a triple screen blood test.

As part of your preparation for genetic counseling, you may be asked to provide a detailed family history and blood samples from both parents. A typical counseling session is 60 minutes long and is available to a couple before and after conception.

Perinatal Consultation

The term perinatal refers to the period that begins during pregnancy and lasts until approximately one month after the birth of your child. Expert physicians are available to consult with you and your obstetrician if there is a special medical concern about your health or the health of your developing baby. Couples with high-risk pregnancies may wish to have this type of ongoing consultation that continues during the crucial first month of the baby’s life. Talk with your obstetrician and your Fetal Assessment Center physician to see if perinatal consultation would be appropriate in your circumstances.