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Gastrointestinal Oncology Research Program

The Gastrointestinal Oncology Center at Loyola University Health System is a key program of the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center and the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine Oncology Institute. Clinical research physicians and basic scientists work in close collaboration to develop innovative treatments for gastrointestinal (GI) cancer patients.

We specialize in “lab bench to bedside” research. That is, we put our efforts into laboratory research that can easily be translated into changes in patient care and treatments.

Loyola's gastrointestinal oncology team is highly motivated about providing promising clinical research studies for our patients. Together, our team is making progress in treating GI cancers.

Most significant is the study of a vaccine treatment to fight pancreatic cancer. A patient's own immune cells are harvested and multiplied in the laboratory. They are then injected back into the patient to aid the immune system in fighting the cancer.

At Loyola, these bench-to-bedside collaborations are key for a meaningful and successful research program.