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Endoscopic Cranial Base Surgery

Endoscopic cranial base surgery is a leading-edge technology used in certain brain surgeries that offers patients numerous benefits over traditional brain surgery.

Most frequently, endoscopic cranial base surgery is used by Loyola neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists to treat pituitary tumors. In this procedure, an endoscope is inserted through the nasal passage into the brain. Working with the endoscope and surgical instruments through the nose, the surgeons can access the tumor without touching the brain or other important structures such as the nerves of your eyes or your carotid artery.

The increased visualization that surgeons gain with the endoscope gives them a better chance of removing the entire tumor, thereby reducing your chance of recurrence. This technique reduces scarring, reduces the length of your hospital stay and allows you to return to your everyday routine much more quickly than traditional brain surgery.