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Chaplain Services for Women's Health

Chaplain Services for Women's Health

Loyola chaplains understand that restoring the well-being of a woman who comes to us not only encompasses addressing her own condition but the effects her illness may have on her family.

Women’s health chaplains see their roles as being supportive companions, creating a place for spirituality in the process of coping with a woman’s illness and the changes it can bring to the lives of those for whom she cares.

Whether the patient is here for general or high-risk obstetrics and gynecology ,surgery or oncology treatments, a Loyola chaplain with the skills and understanding specific to her condition is available to help the patient and her family seek healing of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Chaplain Services for Obstetric Health

Loyola’s obstetric health chaplains minister to women who are here for routine pregnancies as well as high-risk ones. Care for each involves welcoming the expected and coping with the unexpected.

Patients the chaplains see often have to adjust to unanticipated developments that have become part of their pregnancies and deliveries. Loyola obstetric health chaplains are on hand to listen and emotionally support mothers and families as they deal with the loss of control, the anxieties, stress and changes in routine that occur.

Chaplains are supportive companions for the family, creating a place for spirituality in the process of coping with a mother’s or child’s illness and the feelings of being the "only ones," which is common and can become overwhelming.

A patient’s journey through pregnancy may include the possibility of a longer hospital stay for herself or her infant. Our chaplains are a resource she can reach out to for support as she exercises her faith to make adjustments to her life and embrace the future.